Exodus – The Film


Dir. Penny Woolcock

Executive Producer Michael Morris
Producer Ruth Kenley-Letts
Complete list of cast and crew

Directed by Penny Woolcock, Exodus was made in Margate and will be broadcast on Channel 4 and on cinema release in 2007. Leading actor Bernard Hill (Lord of the RingsTitanic) takes the part of Pharoah and Ger Ryan (Queer as FolkFat Friends, and The Street) plays Pharoah’s wife, Batya. RADA-trained actor Daniel Percival (Vital SignsSinchronicity) plays Moses and rising newcomer Clare-Hope Ashitey (Children of MenShooting Dogs) plays Zipporah, Dreamland resident and eventual wife of Moses. Moses’ brother Aaron is played by local first-time actor Anthony Johnson and Delroy Moore, a foster carer living in Margate plays wise school teacher Jethro. Other speaking parts and the several hundred extras are all non-actors from Margate and the Isle of Thanet.

Penny Woolcock’s feature films include her award-winning adaptation for Channel 4, the John Adams opera The Death of Klinghoffer. Her films are generally informed by a strong social conscience, much of it concerned with the social, cultural and political life on Britain’s toughest housing estates. From her first film When the Dog Bites, Shakespeare on the Estate and the features Tina Goes Shopping and Tina Takes a Break, Woolcock has been fascinated with the humour, invention and resourcefulness required to survive on the margin. Mischief Night her third and final film in the Tina trilogy was released nationwide in November 2006.

Exodus producer Ruth Kenley-Letts previous films include Isolation and Strictly Sinatra. Director of Photography is Jakob Ihre whose latest film Reprise (written and directed by Joachim Trier) was been selected as the Norwegian Oscar nomination.