On Saturday 30 September lice, locusts, frogs and flies, a 25-metre high sacrificial sculpture and a cast of thousands dramatically transformed the south coast town of Margate into a contemporary setting for an epic film inspired by the Old Testament Book of Exodus…


The story of Exodus is thousands of years old and cuts across many faiths and cultures. Immigration has never been more meaningful than it is today. Exodus begins with the Egyptians complaining about the immigrant Hebrews – there are too many of them, they’re having too many children. They are ‘the undesirables’ and a problem to get rid of.


Margate is a seaside resort in Kent, on the South Coast of England. An historic place of natural beauty, and a town with a diverse population. Nearby Dover is one of the main entry points for asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, making the area a perfect place to explore issues of identity, tolerance and social equality.


Exodus will be a drama feature film, transmitted in two parts on Channel 4 in 2007 with a UK cinema release at the same time.


The Live Events took place in locations around Margate on Saturday 30 September. Elements of the live events were key scenes in the film. Local people were invited to take part in live performances as part of the film production or simply as witnesses to the unfolding spectacle.

The Margate Exodus is a collaboration between Creative Partnerships Kent / Arts Council England , Channel 4,  and Artangel.

Supported by the Thanet Gazette.