I Pay Ur Rent wins Full Tilt Poker환전가능 꽁머니 XVI Event #14

  Players looking for action Tuesday night were served up with a special Turbo tournament courtesy of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series. Event #14 of 환전가능 꽁머 XVI was a turbo-format which means the blinds were increased every 5 minutes as opposed to a standard structure which sees the blinds go up every 10 or 15 minutes. This faster structure forces players to be more aggressive and stack-off with worse hands because they are left with fewer Big Blinds earlier in the tournament. Turbo tournaments require a different skill set than regular tournaments as players are forced into push/shove mode much earlier and have to rely more on the mathematics of tournament poker than the ability to out-play their opponents after the flop. More than 2,300 players entered the tournament which started at 18:00 FullTilt Lobby time. The tournament carried a $400,000 guarantee which was easily bested as the prize pool reached $465,800 before registration ended.  Nearly 30 FullTilt sponsored professionals played in Event #14 including big names such as Scott Clements, David Pham, and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson. The event was hosted by FullTilt Red Pro Martin Klaeser who took down the 2008 WSOP PLO/8b tournament for $216,249 and his one and only bracelet.  Online his best finish as been a win in the $17.5K Guarantee on FullTilt for $12,728. He did make the final table of a Sunday Major, the Brawl, just last month but busted early in 7th place for $11,652. 234 players made the money in Event #14 including a few FullTilt professionals. The best finish was by Ram Vaswani, who took home $721 for his 73rd place finish. Joining Vaswani in the money was Berry Johnston who finished in 104th place. A few pros finished on the bubble including Christian Kruel (253rd) and Marco Liesy …

Midnight Mardi Gras Bitcoin Dice

bitcoin dice

Unless you hail from Argentina then Wednesday night in Frankfurt will stay with those present a long while. From the storm that split the stadium’s hi-tech textile roof to the spectacle of a canteen full of journalists erupting with the cry of “HUTH!”, there was no shortage of memorable moments.

The most indelible memory, however, came hours after the final whistle as waiting reporters checked their watches mindful of deadlines, column inches and airtime that needed to be filled.

Suddenly the bowels of the stadium were transformed as a samba/conga train consisting of the entire Brazil squad was led by Roque Junior, Dida on drums and Ronaldinho on tambourine in single file from dressing room to bus and on to a hotel party.

This snatch of carnival was the brainwave of their shrewd yet gregarious coach Carlos Alberto Parreira, who brought up the rear in almost comical concession to the quote quota demanded by reporters still too stunned to realise the ruse had denied them any words from the all-but-musically mute players.

Such non-synthetic ebullience and glamour was what the German organising committee could only have prayed for as they look for their promotional bandwagon to peak by the same time in 2006.

“Over-organisation gone mad… the logical result of combining FIFA with this country” was the view of one anonymous Kicker magazine scribe of his own compatriots and their approach to the tournament’s overall organisation.

Still, somehow the rhythm of Brazil had prevailed and put the uber-bureaucracy, the roadblocks – email das purist via soccerphile.com if you want to know the German for road rage – the confiscation of prize-winners’ rival-sponsored clothes for the day by McDonalds staff, all the translation snafus and even the likely doping let-off for Mexico in perspective.

Stelios Giannakopoulis had advised das purist beforehand …



I am a softy at heart. At the same time I truly believe in the fact that in competition, I have no friends. I also believe that this rule is set in stone, or is it? This is a subject that is very interesting, and something not often spoken about or discussed, but I am sure it is thought about by many players at one time or another. This is the question that started this story.

I sometimes go to a $2-5 game with a friend. I have no interest in learning ways to cheat, but I would like to know if there are legit strategies to maximize our joint take on the game, i.e. if I have a hand with which I would call a raise, should I call a raise coming from a friend, re-raise or fold.

It didn’t take long for the bull to hit the fan. An immediate answer was “any type of betting that seeks to maximize the potential of someone else’s hand is collusion and is ILLEGAL. You could, and should be tossed out of the casino if you are caught doing this. Not to mention the possibility of getting shot in the parking lot. Wait, it gets better.

If you and your friend are the only ones left in the hand, you can do whatever you want. If there’s someone else in the pot, you should forget during this hand, that you do have a friend in the hand. If you and your friend do play abnormally when you’re alone in the pot, it might be polite to indicate this to the rest of the table. You will thereby allay suspicion that you are colluding against the other players.

I must admit that I myself have been guilty of what might be borderline …

7 Retirement Planning Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Savings

Saving and planning for retirement is a journey that can take several decades. During this time, you are likely to get comfortable when you think you have saved enough. However, some retirement planning mistakes may make your retirement life worse off. A report by National Institute on Retirement Security revealed that most retirees are unprepared for the retirement life. With a median of $120, 000 in savings, an average retiree is unlikely to sustain a 30-year retirement life.

Retirement planning mistakes that will ruin your savings:

  1. Failing to Save Enough

Many people head into retirement with fewer savings than they would like. These savings are unlikely to meet their daily living expenses and health care costs. Retirees make this mistake by either saving too little or starting too late. But, how much is enough? It may depend on your lifestyle and the cost of living. You can use a free savings calculator to see how much you need to save.

Supposing you start working at 25 years and retire at age 65, you should save for at least 30 years in retirement. For every year worked, you should cover three-fourths of expenses in your retirement. To be on the safe side, save more money than you would need. Instead of saving 10% of your income, you can increase this rate and forego some of your current expenses. You need to save approximately 70 to 80% of the income to live the same lifestyle in retirement.

  1. Too much Debt

Going into retirement with large amounts of debts is not only risky but also a big financial mistake. Unless you are earning investment income with a higher interest rate than the debts, you should be worried. High-interest debts such as credit card debts should be paid as quickly as possible. As a …

This Week at 먹튀사이트 (7th – 13th January 2013)


After a short Christmas break, This Week at FlopTurnRiver returns to guide you through our “sigh, it’s the end of the holidays” period.

Happy Holidays!

Before we start, we hope everyone had a great holiday season! Thank you so much to everyone who supported FlopTurnRiver last year, and we’re really excited about what 2013 holds. We hope you are too!

We’re not giving away much right now, but expect to see some cool forum updates, an exclusive program to give even more back to anyone 먹튀사이트 who signs up to poker rooms through us and bigger and better tournaments and competitions.

Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS XXI

Full Tilt’s MiniFTOPS is back! It kicked off yesterday with a massive $22 $300k guarantee, and it runs for 2 weeks until Sunday 20th January. All the events are in the calendar in the poker forum so make sure to check them out!

As well as event listings, we have a comprehensive information thread with information on satellites, the schedule and (hopefully) some people to rail!

If you haven’t already got a Full Tilt account, click here to sign up now. By signing up through FTR, you’ll get a 100% bonus up to $600 and access to future exclusive tournaments.

Build a Bankroll with FTR

Often starting out at poker can be the hardest time – grinding for little money at the micros against stupid players who always seem to get there and paying more rake than is really fair. That’s why we’ve created the Build a Bankroll with FTR thread with information on what is basically free money. Bonuses, added value tournaments, promotions and more will be added and we’d appreciate help. So if you’ve got any comments or know a great value promotion, we’d be grateful if you could share it …

Alpha Hydroxy Acids – A Cure for Photodamage?

We all have heard about them but do we know what they are and what they do for our skin? It turns out that a-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are important components of optimal skin care and their benefits have been studied and documented for some time now. These distinctive molecules provide us with plethora of opportunities for individualizing skin treatments to fit our unique needs.

They can be used as a monotherapy or be a part of a comprehensive skin care management. This article will review the current understanding of AHAs, their biology as well as their benefits and risks when used in cosmetic and medical applications. Information about other cosmetic procedures can be found on Cosmetic Surgery Procedures patient guide.


Alpha hydroxy acids is a group of compounds derived from food products including glycolic (from sugar cane,) lactic (from sour milk,) malic (from apples,) citric (from fruits) and tartaric acid (from grape wine.) For any topical compound, including AHA, it must penetrate into the skin where it can act on living cells. Small molecular size is one characteristic that is important in determining compound’s ability to penetrate the top layer of the skin. In that respect, glycolic acid (the smallest AHA) is a clear winner and accounts for the popularity of this product in both cosmetic as well as medical preparations. Further discussion in this article will focus on the properties and benefits of glycolic acid (GA).


In low concentrations, 5 – 10% as is found in many over the counter products (e.g. Reversa ® product line), GA reduces cell adhesion in the top layer of the skin. This action promotes exfoliation of the outermost layer of the skin accounting for smother texture following regular use of topical …

100 Series Tournament and Aussie Millions at togel  


Ladbrokes Poker is pleased to announce the launch of the 100 Series.

On the first Monday of each month, togel  poker’s hottest new tournament comes to town. Brand new to Ladbrokes Poker the unique €30,000 100 Series Tournament is now set to become the hottest poker ticket around.


Capped at just 100 runners, demand for places is sure to be intense.


The first event kicks off on Monday 7th December 2009 at 19:00 GMT. With a buy in of €300 + €20, a massive €30,000 tournament is guaranteed!


Ladbrokes Poker will be running satellites to the €30k Guaranteed 100 Series Tournament from as little as €3.50 throughout November!

  • Main Event: 7th December
  • Buy In: €300 + €20
  • Prize pool: €30,000
  • Starting Chips: 5000
  • Blinds: 20 minutes


Kate McLennan, Head of Ladbrokes Poker, said: “Christmas kicks off early with the 100 Series. It’s the first of a series of high value formats we’re lining up to give poker players a feast of festive treats.”


Payout structure:


Position – Payout

1st – €10,000

2nd – €6,000

3rd – €4,000

4th – €2,500

5th – €2,000

6th – €1,600

7th – €1,350

8th – €1,100

9th – €800

10th – €650

Total – €30,000


Further details can be found on the Ladbrokes Poker webiste.


Ladbrokes Poker nominated for Poker Operator of Year 2009 by Egaming Review.


Winners will be announced on 30th November 2009.


The Aussie Millions is one of the most prestigious poker tournaments in the world and will be held between 24th-30th January 2010 at the Crown Casino in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. You can join some of the biggest names in poker such …

New Jersey Cracks Down on Underage Gambling Online



As New Jersey’s online gambling bill inches toward a signing session with Governor Chris Christie, state regulators are busy nailing down the cracks through which potentially underage gamers might try to slip. Among those who’ve expressed confidence in the matter are the people at the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, more commonly known as hk prize .

“Right now,” says iMEGA Chairman Joe Brennan Jr, “all the technology required is being used by European casino websites. Suppliers of age verification software will be able to open up US divisions and supply the US marketplace with proven technology.


“New Jersey’s regulators are in a position to become the de facto primary regulators for iGaming in the U.S. much in the same way Nevada regulators are in the casino based industry. New Jersey regulators are the toughest in the world. Those who can make it through the process will increase their value and the value of the industry itself.”


Labeled as S490, the legalization bill has seen relatively little resistance from the state’s caretakers. If passed, it will be a landmark decision in American Gaming.


iMEGA also claims that, because of the extra scrutiny given to the online scene, underage gamers are more likely to slip undetected into a brick and mortar establishment than they are to earn a seat in most of the high-end internet gaming sites.


Because of their unique situation, New Jersey’s government will now have the opportunity to closely regulate those to whom licenses are granted. Said David Pope, Marketing Director for 192business.com, “Both the regulators and their licensees will certainly be able to draw on expertise built up in jurisdictions in Europe and beyond. In terms of what that might mean to the operators who get licenses, the good news …

American Gamblers Can No Longer Use Visa

Earlier in the year I reported that togel hongkong hari ini is now blocking transactions between online gambling sites – including sports books, casinos and more – and American customers. At the time, I thought there was a good chance that Visa would follow their lead. Now it has happened.


Visa is now also blocking online gambling transactions, meaning that American customers who want to play some online blackjack or any of their other favorite games cannot use the two largest credit cards to do so. This decision hurts pretty much everyone. The online casinos will lose revenue from people who used to pay using Visa and Mastercard and don’t want to try another method. The players who prefer those two cards miss out on the ability to use them for online gambling. Also, the credit card companies themselves are missing out on the revenue from online gambling.


So why are they doing this? The thinking is that these decisions are due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006, which is slated to go into effect in June 2010. Originally it was set to take effect January 1, but a bipartisan petition to delay the implementation was accepted by the Justice Department and the Federal Reserve.


While the UIGEA cannot be used to punish online gamblers in any way, it can be used to seize the funds from “illegal” online gambling and fine or prosecute the financial institutions involved in the transactions. The financial institutions include banks, credit unions, credit card companies and more. What complicates matters is that nowhere in the UIGEA does it state what gambling is “illegal.” In fact, court rulings have found that UIGEA doesn’t make any type of online gambling illegal. It is only a way to enforce the …

Review of When to Hold ‘Em and When to Fold ‘Em

I’ve read many poker books by many authors who have made extreme claims about their own qualifications as an author and to the benefit that might be realized by reading their book. None of them have made the sorts of claims that self described “genius extraordinaire” William Barnes has made about his book, When to Hold ‘Em and When to Fold ‘Em. In his own words, “Expect to discover more Hold ‘Em Poker information and enlightenment in this book than in all the bookstores and libraries of the world.” An extreme claim to be sure. Can this book live up to its own promotion?

The book consists of three parts. The first part consists of letters Barnes has sent to various luminaries correcting articles they have written. Mostly, these letters correct some luminary’s incorrect use of some term describing statistical measure such as “odds” or “probability”. Sometimes, the target of Barnes’ friendly barbs has made some other misstatement or fallen victim to some simple logical fallacy. I believe most people would consider these corrective missives to be pedantic, but with some effort I can bring myself to understand why Mr. Barnes would feel compelled to send them. What I can’t figure out is why he would think anyone would care about the letters he sent?

The second section, and the bulk of the book, is a set of quizzes on various Hold’em related math problems. Some of them are interesting but most cover situations that are covered in other books, such as calculating the probability of hitting a runner-runner flush if one has three cards to a flush on the flop. It’s useful for a Hold’em player to be able to come up with reasonable answers to questions like these, but being able to calculate odds precisely at the table …

Diamond Painting Gifts to Surprise Your Friends and Family with

Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is so popular these days that it makes sense to buy a diamond painting kit or some accessories as a gift. Imagine the joy and surprise on a diamond painting lover’s face when they open their present and see a new painting inside for them to work on.


Their eyes will light up, a big smile will form and they’ll be so happy that you thought of them and their interests. If you love diamond painting, you are probably thinking how great it would be if someone bought you one and you got to open that gift.


With that wonderful thought in mind, let’s look at some of the best diamond painting gifts you could get.


A Mystery Painting

Diamond paintings are great and all, but how great is it when someone surprises you with one? This is a superb gift idea for someone you care about, and you can show them how special they are by surprising them with a diamond painting they will love.


You can either tell them that you are getting them something diamond painting related and get them excited about it or not even tell them at all. By keeping it a secret, you will get to see the look of surprise on their face and how excited they get when they open it up for the first time. Imagine what a great gift that would make for someone who loves the hobby or who has expressed interest in it.


Some diamond painting websites allow you to send gifts like this wrapped so that your recipient will be not be able to tell what they are getting until they open it up.


Here is another diamond painting gift idea you might want to consider. You can choose …