Cast and Crew

Written and Directed by

Produced by

Executive Producer





and introducing MATTHEW SMITH as ‘Dada’


Director of Photography

Production Designer

Wasteman by


Music Composed by

Casting Director

Costume Designer


Cast in Order of Appearance
Raft Boys Reza Ali
Vladimir Jacsik
Muhim Ahmed
Carlos Yesiloz
Little Zipporah Odera Muriel Ojukwu
Jethro Delroy Moore
Young Levi Muska Khpal
Baby Moses Jack and Stephen Greenhough
Little Aaron Aston Fredericks
Pharoah Mann Bernard Hill
Batya Mann Ger Ryan
Reporter Harcus Copper
Loony Preacher Justin Smithers
Moses Daniel Percival
Zipporah Clare-Hope Ashitey
American Reporter Renee Salewski
Tour Guide Sarah Nash
Model Resident Martin Taylor
Aaron Anthony Johnson
Robbed Tourist Margaret Avery
Ali Dritan Kastrati
Look Out Boy Liam Nixon
Street Kids Olivia Martinez
Jesse Johnson Brown
Jordan Collins
Harry Robson
Charlie Robson
Amber Currie
Dada Matthew Smith
Older Levi Katerina Jugati
Bo Michelle Lam
Newsreader Crispin Letts
Jason Jason Pile-Grey
Yardman Michael Tulloch
Storyteller Blanche Williams
Doctor Jane Osano
Red Sea Girl Milli-Rose Rubin
Wedding Singer Bob Meadows
Gershom Troy Stewart-Williams
School Children Sophia Qureshi
Cydney Lawlor
Kieron Sackett
Henrietta Lawrence
Nokuphiwa Ntshangase
Jacob Cook
Toni Markovitch
Chief Constable Peter Dolding
Chang Damrong Garbutt
Tilly Jean Stanley
Professor Marcus Barry Letts
Ring-a-Roses Girls Tianah Thomas
Jazmine Gibson
Holly Forbes
Lucy Downes
War Council Woman Ruth Davies
Shebeen Singer Martyn Jacques
Home Official Ben Sawyer
Funeral Singer Bill Calder


Line Producer

First Assistant Director

Director’s Assistant and Casting Assistant

Art Director

Set Decorator

Script Editor

Make Up and Hair Designer

Sound Recordist

Post Production Supervisor


For Artangel
Co-Directors James Lingwood & Michael Morris
Administrative Director Cressida Hubbard
Head of Interaction Rachel Anderson
Head of Programmes & Production Rob Bowman
Admin & Projects Assistant Sarah Davies
Production Assistant Tom Dingle
Finance Officer and Publications Sian Emmison
Head of Development Bethany Pappalardo
Head of Press and Publicity Janette Scott
Interaction Associate Rehana Zaman
Exodus Publicity Co-ordinator Gill Roth
Exodus Intern Elise Routledge
Clore Leadership Programme Fellow Maria Bota
For Channel 4
Commissioning Editor, Arts & Performance/Executive Producer Jan Younghusband
Commercial Affairs Manager Helen Dudley
Program Finance Manager Rebecca O’Conner
Program Finance Manager Hilary Stewart
Assistant Program Finance Manager Bronwyn MacConville
Commercial Affairs Assistant Carla Ward
Editorial Assistant Libby Watson
Legal and Compliance Lawyer Hamish Thomson
For Creative Partnerships Kent
Founding Director Anna Cutler
Exodus Project Manager Fiona Kingsman



Production Accountant Karen Hinton
Assistant Accountant Brendan Whiston
Line Producer for Development Jules Hussey
Production Co-ordinator Katie Bevell
Production Secretary Sonay Ozen
Production Assistant Richard Rowntree
Wasteman Build and Volunteers Co-ordinator Marina Parker
Rushes Runner Olivia Wakeford
Second Assistant Director Diane Kasperowicz
Third Assistant Director Lucy Thomas
Set Runner Lee Maxwell Simpson
Dialect Coach Sandra Butterworth
Location Manager Jodi Moore
Unit Manager Alex Lau
Location Assistant Billy James Jefford
Production Stills Thierry Bal
Phil Fisk
Focus Pullers Will Humphris
Chunky Richmond
Clapper Loader Brian Greenway
Camera Trainee Paul Shottner
Grip Philip Coleman
Grip Trainee Stephen Fontana
Underwater Cameraman Mark Silk
Underwater Gaffer Bernie Prentice
Assistant Editor Justinian Buckley
Gaffer Mitchell Spooner
Best Boy Drew Slater
Electrician Joe Nuttall
Legal Services Robb Klein and Lisa Rishton, SJ Berwin LLP
Auditors Steve Joberns, Shipleys
Insurance Broker Media Insurance
Broker Richard Moore
For Wasteman
Supervising Technician Will Shannon
Structural Engineer Gary Elliott
Rigging Unusual Rigging
Alan Jacobi
Jason White
Daz Brookes
John McDonough
Rigging for Filling Outback Rigging
Erik Gibbons
Ralph Farebrother
Volunteers Lola Christopher
Paul Cox
Peggy Eagle
Mashallah Garibi
Jake Hannaford
Lynsey Harrison
Lisa Hawkins
Emma Impett
Hannah Lees
David Nyokbi
Viv Smith
Geoff Wiggins
Assistant Art Director Dixon Graterol
Art Department Assistants Roxanna Tesla
Lisa Hall
Matt Deely
Property Master Martin Kingsley
Chargehand Props Alan Jones
Chargehand/Stand-by Props Quentin Davis
Stand-by Props Craig Guinan
Property Hands Alex King
Jason Wood
Keith Pitt
Prop Makers Sara Elizabeth Austin
Dan Lewis
Dressing Props Jonathan McAvoy
Dressing Props Assistant Steve Licence
Props Trainees Gregory Ovenden
Jonathan Hillier
Thea Tait
Props Assistants Shana Hendry
Tracey Leanne Edwards
Construction Manager Graham Wardale
HoD Carpenter Giles Rowntree
Carpenters Aaron Pugh
Adrian Rayment
Darren James Wiltshire
Dean Mansfield
D Mod-el Tarjomani
Construction Trainees David Kelly
Kevin Terry
Carpenter Andrew Robert Horsley
HoD Painter Bruce Williams
Scenic Artist Gary Phillips
Set Painter Vincent Pugh
Andrew Jones
Painter Trainees Jackie Harrison
Margaret Avery
Painter Volunteers Cameron Heather Taylor
Leza Walton
Stuart Povey
Sculptors Andrew Baldwin
Alma Caira
Drapes Cathy McTurk
Props Transport Kevin Springer
Materials Recycling MPL Recycling
Sign Writer Tony Stratham
Graphic Design Fresh Produce
Beeping Bush
Special Effects by Prometheus Fire
Special Effects Supervisor Mik Amabilino
Pyrotechnicians Dave Turner
Howard Neil
Chris Watson
Armourers Richard Hooper
Dave Evans
Greg Corke
Joss Skottowe
Wardrobe Supervisor Annette Allen
Costume Standbys Gill Allright
Magali Mariana Fischtein
Costume Breakdown Clara Louise Alexander-Beard
Ellen Mary Emily Browne
Janette P Brown
Richard Morley
Costume Assistant Kimie Nakano
Costume Maker Shirley May Price
Costume Trainees Martin (Tatty) Taylor
Claire Licence
Dawn Hazel Smith
Debbie Thomson
Jennifer Kenchington
Molly Thomson
Peggy Eagle
Sally Shergold
Sheila Toner
Make Up Artists Emma Sheldrick
Nadia Stacey
Make Up Trainee Sophie Cox
Boom Operator Kelly Stewart
Sound Assistant Ben Collinson
Stunt Co-ordinator Peter Pedrero
Stunt Players Jimmy O’Dee
Abbi Collins
Amanda Foster
Ian Van Temperley
Russell MacLeod
Aldonio (Danny) Freitas
Maxine Whittaker
Juliette Cheveley
Stunt Babies Fouzi Nadji
Max Turner
Key Chaperone Yvonne Araffa
Chaperones Doreen Cook
Jackie Quigley
Jane Moore
Lyn Brooker
Tutors Claire Farrington
Veronica Jones
Unit Drivers Andrew Mitchell
Ryan Derek Sackett
Tim Savill
2nd Unit Film Crew
Camera Operators Simon Vickery
Dave Wyatt
Focus Pullers Leo Holba
Robin Horn
Sally Low
John Watters
Clapper Loader Mark Nutkins
Sound Recordists Sam Diamond
John Hagenstede
Ian Sands
Calum Thomson
Catering Reel Meals
Catering Team Joe Hill
Matthew Pearce
Wendy Lee
Live Event Team, Production Manager Jonathan Bartlett
Consultant Hilary Westlake
Margate HQ Personnel Jane Moore
Delroy Moore
Margate HQ Administrator Sarah Christensen
Digi-beta Cameraman Mick Etherton
EPK by Andrew Palmer
Health and Safety Advisor Malcolm Pearce
Paramedics Peter Britten
Bob Wright
Ian Field
VFX Rushes Post Production
VFX Supervisors Jonathan Privett
Hayden Jones
VFX Producer Louise Hussey
Senior Compositor Gavin Digby
Kate Porter
Compositor Alex Llewellyn
Shane Costar
CG Artist Lee Tibbetts
Post Production Molinare
Senior Colourist Tim Waller
DI Technician Andy Richards
Digital Film Supervisor Andrew Dearnley
DI Technician Matt James
Senior DI Online Editor Des Murray
Titles Simon Kilroe
Ant Webb
Film Consultant Len Brown
Post Production Co-ordinator Nina Khan
Managing Director Molinare Mark Foligno
Chief Executive Steve Milne
Dubbing Mixer Billy Mahoney
Assistant Dubbing Mixer Adam Powell
Sound Supervisor Michael Maroussas
Sound Design Paul Carter
Foley Mixer Edward Colyer
Assistant Foley Mixer Glen Gathard
Foley Artists Jack Stew
Jenny Lee-Wright
Foley Editors Billy Mahoney Jnr
Paul Edwards
Film Laboratory Processing Soho Images/ToddAo
Lab Contact John Taylor
Dailies at Molinare Graham Holtom
Film Laboratory Print Deluxe Laboratories Ltd
Laboratory Liaison Clive Noakes
Film Grader Alec Gibson
Film Stock Kodak Ltd
Camera Equipment supplied by Joe Dunton & Co
Lighting Equipment Supplied by First Light Media
Arri Lighting Rental


“Hailstones’ written and performed by Martyn Jacques
Courtesy of Misery Guts Music
With thanks to Sophie Seashell

Speaking bone inspired by the work of Wendy Ewald in Margate (Towards a Promised Land)

Filmed on location in Margate, Kent – with heartfelt thanks to the many residents of Thanet with whom we worked.

The Producers would like to thank:
Maureen Thoroughgood, Alan Marcus, Robbie Ryan, Crispin Letts, SJ Berwin LLP, Louise Hussey at Rushes, Anna Cutler, Hannah Barry, Pony, Toby Hunter and Kevin Lodge at Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company, Isle of Thanet Gazette, Sarah Maxfield.

Special thanks for the Plague Songs Project:
Laurie Anderson, Cody ChesnuTT, King Creosote, Brian Eno, Imogen Heap, Martyn Jacques/The Tiger Lillies, Klashnekoff, Stephin Merritt, Rufus Wainwright, Scott Walker, Robert Wyatt, Mary King, David Coulter, Nicki Setterfield, Charles and Cathy Negus-Fancey, Chris Sharp.

Artangel would like to pay special tribute to the late John Eldridge for his generosity and support.

Commissioned and Produced by Artangel (Margate Exodus Ltd) in association with Creative Partnerships Kent/Arts Council England and Channel 4.

Funding Partners: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Kent County Council, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and The Company of Angels

Exodus Special Angels: ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), Ron Beller and Jennifer Moses, Arpad Busson, Chear Foundation, Maria Gripenberg, Fatima and Eskandar Maleki, Gemma Jackson, Nicci Gerrard and Sean French.

Artangel’s programmes are made possible through the generous support of Arts Council England, London, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, The Company of Angels and Artangel International Circle: The Cranford Collection, Guy and Andrea Dellal, Joe and Marie Donnelly, Mala and Oliver Haarmann, David and Sarah Kowitz, Jennifer McSweeney, Catherine and Franck Petitgas, Pascale Revert and Peter Wheeler, Cora and Kaveh Sheibani, Iwan and Manuela Wirth, Anita and Poju Zabludowicz, Michael Zilkha.

All names, characters and incidents portrayed in this film are fictitious. No identification with actual persons either living or dead is intended or should be inferred.

No animals or birds were maltreated or harmed during the production of this film.

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