British tax havens take gamble on Internet casinos

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British offshore tax havens Alderney and The Isle of Man will allow online casinos to operate on the islands, officials say, raising the stakes for bringing a multi-billion dollar industry to Europe.


English Channel island with a population of 2,400 and an economy dependent on tourism, is the first out of the gates. It will begin taking applications on Wednesday for six new e-gaming licences, said Moran Chapman, chief executive for the Alderney Gambling Togel Hongkong  Control Commission.

The Isle of Man will announce in the coming weeks that it has created three new e-gaming licenses, a gaming official there said. Both jurisdictions, which are independent from British rule, passed the legislation last month.


“It’s not a race,” said Chapman. “It’s a global industry. All sorts of people will become involved in [online gaming industry] in one shape or another.”


The lure is that online gambling – from betting on horses and American football to virtual blackjack and roulette – has become a large and growing activity. A commonly cited report by U.S. gambling consultancy The River City Group says the e-gaming industry will grow to a $5 billion market by 2003.


At the moment though few jurisdictions permit online gambling and some lawmakers, particularly in the United States, are seeking complete bans on the nascent industry.




In the U.S., the Nevada legislature has gone against the strong federal sentiment in Washington, by passing a state law earlier this year allowing for online casinos. Similar local laws are pending in Australia and parts of Canada.


But otherwise, the online casinos, which, according to a Bear Stearns study, comprises roughly 1,400 sites, have been forced to set up shop in areas such as Costa Rica and the Caribbean island …

Jim Collins to CEOs: Lose the Charisma in Sg Online Casino



The Built to Last author’s new book extols the vast transformational power of the really dull executive.


As companies like Cisco (CSCO) and Yahoo (YHOO) precipitously fall out of fashion, management theorists have set out to find the new avatars of economic prowess. This time around, sexy is out, dowdy is in.


Take the 11 companies examined in Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … and Others Don’t, by Jim Collins, co-author of the blockbuster Built to Last. His frumpy crew of new business paragons includes Gillette (G), Kimberly-Clark (KMB), Pitney Bowes (PBI), and Walgreens (WAG). Collins retraces their metamorphoses from mediocre to stellar, as measured in stock performance, and contrasts their progress with the performance of similar companies that haven’t produced such impressive stock results. (For details on how the companies were chosen, see “Making the Good-to-Great Grade,” on the next page.)


Collins doesn’t want for intensity; total immersion is his style. Good to Great, due out in October from Harper Books, was five years in the making and involved 21 researchers. (Collins calls them “Chimps.” He means it affectionately.) It took six months just to identify the “good to great” companies. Then Collins and his Chimps interviewed executives, sifted through press clippings, and methodically identified distinct patterns of success and failure.


Let’s pause here to acknowledge that, yes, Collins is a management guru, and as you may have read elsewhere in this issue, gurudom is fraught with peril. But the years of work that went into Good to Great yields some provocative and controversial insights. Such as: Charisma is a liability — something to be overcome, like a speech impediment. Executive compensation and company performance are not linked. And — brace yourself — technology has nearly zilch to do …

Hati – hati dengan Judi online di Internet

Anggota parlemen Midlothian , Owen Thompson , telah menyerukan tindakan yang lebih kuat untuk melindungi keluarga dari masalah keuangan melalui pengeluaran untuk Judi online di Internet selama penguncian coronavirus.


Mr Thompson telah mengajukan pertanyaan parlementer tertulis tentang Judi online di Internet dan Judi online di Internet dan telah menulis kepada Google dan Apple untuk meningkatkan kekhawatiran tentang penggunaan model pembelian dalam aplikasi yang berlebihan dalam game yang dijalankan dari Situs – situs yang tersedia mereka. Mr Thompson menyerukan langkah – langkah seperti batasan pengeluaran yang ditetapkan dan pemasaran yang sesuai dengan usia untuk game yang berisi aktivitas seperti Judi online di Internet.


Dia adalah juru kampanye jangka panjang untuk peningkatan perlindungan konsumen untuk Judi online di Internet , dan sebelumnya memimpin debat parlemen tentang masalah ini.


Mr Thompson berkata: – “Kami sudah tahu kecanduan judi online adalah ancaman yang lebih besar sementara orang berjuang untuk mengatasi penguncian , tetapi ada risiko nyata bahwa keluarga dapat menemukan diri mereka dengan tagihan yang besar dan kuat melalui Judi online di Internet juga.



Owen Thompson MP

“Saya menyambut berita hari ini dari Dewan Judi online di Internet dan Permainan bahwa iklan Judi online di Internet radio dan TV dari anggota mereka dihapus selama masa yang belum pernah terjadi sebelumnya ini , tetapi ini tidak cukup jauh dan tidak termasuk iklan di media sosial dan pemasaran bertarget yang tampaknya menjamur sejak krisis dimulai.


“Ini merupakan kekhawatiran khusus bagi anak – anak dan remaja yang merupakan pasar kuat untuk Judi online di Internet yang berisi pembelian dalam aplikasi. Barang – barang yang dapat mereka beli seperti ‘kotak jarahan’ tidak diatur seperti permainan judi , namun mendorong perilaku seperti Judi online di Internet yang sama.



“Begitu orang ketagihan , mereka mungkin membayar sedikit untuk terus bermain atau meningkatkan …



LAS VEGAS, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Santa Fe Gaming Corporation (AMEX: SGM), a diversified gaming company headquartered in Las Vegas, today announced results for the quarter ended June 30, 1997.

For the three month period ended June 30, 1997, Santa Fe Gaming reported revenues of $27.5 million and operating income of $2.7 million compared to revenues of $26.0 million and an operating loss of $400,000 during the prior year three month period. The Company reported a net loss of $2.4 million or $.38 per common share in the current period as compared to a net loss of

$4.5 million or $.73 per common share for the same period in 1996.


For the nine month period ended June 30, 1997, the Company reported revenues of $80.4 million and net loss of $8.5 million or $1.37 per common share, compared to revenues of $83.1 million and net loss of $10.9 million or $1.76 per common share in the nine month period ended June 30, 1996, excluding a gain on the sale of substantially all the assets of the Sahara Hotel and

Casino of $40.8 million before taxes or $4.34 per common share, and a net after tax gain of $7.9 million, or $1.27 per common share, related to the repurchase of $48.3 million of long-term debt.


The Company’s improved Ligaz888 financial results are attributable primarily to improved operating results at the Santa Fe Hotel and Casino in northwest Las Vegas. The Santa Fe increased revenues from operations by $2.4 million or 16.8% to $16.8 million during the quarter ended of June 30, 1997. Operating income in the current period increased to $2.7 million up from an operating loss of approximately $300,000 during the same prior year period. The property increased revenues and improved operating margins despite ongoing construction of the …

If You Can’t Raise tokyoslot88, Don’t Call At No Time


I get this a lot. Some guy I knew centuries ago sees me playing forty-eighty hold’em and says to me, “what are you doing here?” I sigh.

Stuff like this has gone on most of my life. When you’re a hustler, you end up losing most of the time for the big win at the end. You play the fool. You can never show how good you are. There’s no applause here. You do your job and end up counting money in some hotel room, splitting it with your backers if you have any. Then, you wait for the girls, or the drugs, or the liquor to kick in. Most of the time I would watch TV thinking about all the mistakes I had made. There were always mistakes.

There were dreams too. Hustlers have their personal very unconventional nirvana. Mostly they want to make enough to never have to do it again. Mostly they hate the game they played. Like me. I hated that fact that I could never shine. Never show my stuff.

Heres how it goes. You play bad. Lesson number one. Your backer, who is a former hustler or money guy who likes action shows you. He picks up a few dollars and says this is what you get if you always play good; then he takes out the c-notes wrapped in a rubber band and says this is what you get if you play bad right up until the end. Okay chief. You get the message.

The hustlers are the little wizards of the world. They have the gift. They do something in one particular thing better that almost anyone else and the money rolls in. Still it is never enough. It is too easy. That is the trap.

Of course, the little wizards almost …

Is it the Ultimate Solution for Male Enlargement without surgery?


The Male Penis is probably the most hyped organ in the human body. Not only Men but women as well are equally fascinated by the penis. In fact, women are often more enthusiased by it then men for obvious reasons. As you know, the penis has 3 main functions in the body- 1. To Urinate i.e. to pass the urnine out of the body, which is self-explanatory, 2. for reproduction i.e. – to help produce babies are continue the human race and 3. sex i.e. deriving sexual pleasure which is one of the basic needs of any man or woman.

The Penis for Sexual Pleasure

Undeniably, Sex is the only function of the penis that gets more publicity and hype than any other. The pleasure that can be obtained from sexual encounters is well documentedSize Genetics System for Penis Enlargement . And for this you need an erect penis. An erect penis provides pleasure to both men and their partner in sex. However, in addition to an erect penis, there are three other major factors that contribute to attaining pleasure during sexual encounters and these factors are: libido or lust, healthy blood inflow and outflow to and from zhe penis, and a nerve supply that functions perfectly. Obviosuly, the penis is the most frequently utilized part of the male genitalia.

A Bigger Penis and Sex

When it comes to the issue of Sex and the Penis, the word “big” seems to be what every man and woman is looking for. Since a lot of men now are getting more conscious and aware of their shaft’s size, more and more men are successfully and unseccussfully trying various penis enlargement treatments or methods. There are hundreds pf companies selling penis enlarger products on the internet and otherwise making it all the more …


I am a softy at heart. At the same time I truly believe in the fact that in competition, I have no friends. I also believe that this rule is set in stone, or is it? This is a subject that is very interesting, and something not often spoken about or discussed, but I am sure it is thought about by many players at one time or another. This is the question that started this story.

I sometimes go to a $2-5 game with a friend. I have no interest in learning ways to cheat, but I would like to know if there are legit strategies to maximize our joint take on the game, i.e. if I have a hand with which I would call a raise, should I call a raise coming from a friend, re-raise or fold.

It didn’t take long for the bull to hit the fan. An immediate answer was “any type of betting that seeks to maximize the potential of someone else’s hand is collusion and is ILLEGAL. You could, and should be tossed out of the casino if you are caught doing this. Not to mention the possibility of getting shot in the parking lot. Wait, it gets better.

If you and your friend are the only ones left in the hand, you can do whatever you want. If there’s someone else in the pot, you should forget during this hand, that you do have a friend in the hand. If you and your friend do play abnormally when you’re alone in the pot, it might be polite to indicate this to the rest of the table. You will thereby allay suspicion that you are colluding against the other players.

I must admit that I myself have been guilty of what might be borderline …

The World’s Only UFABET Gambling Court


Is compulsive gambling a disease? The prevailing view in the law is that gambling is a vice. Compulsive gamblers who destroy their lives may be pitied, but they are punished for their moral weakness, not treated. In this view, telling judges or juries that defendants committed crimes to feed their gambling habits is worse than useless. Not only is it not a legal excuse, but also now prosecutors can point to a motive.


In 1980, the well-settled law making problem gamblers liable for their crimes was rocked by a declaration from the medical world. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) declared, “pathological gambling” to be an official “mental disorder.” The disorder was published, with a list of recognizable symptoms, in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).


The APA is quick to point out that the DSM is designed for diagnosis and treatment only and is not intended to have any legal importance. But, defense lawyers are under a duty to raise every defense, including the fact that the leading medical association in the field says that a person who has a gambling problem is not morally weak, but instead suffers from a disease and the law does not punish people for being ill.


What should the law do with a compulsive UFABET gambler who admits stealing to get the money to gamble? In practice, the overwhelming majority of judges continue to treat the compulsive gamblers accused of committing crimes, as if they have no problems, other than being crooks. This usually means sentencing them to jail. This might give some feelings of “just desserts,” but actually helps no one. Imprisoned compulsive gamblers cannot earn enough money to repay their victims; they will not receive treatment; but they will have lots of opportunities to gamble.


Mark G. Farrell, …

ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล Review of Blackjack Essays

ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

Mason Malmuth is one of the most recognizable names in gambling for writing an incredible volume of information on applying skill to casino games. His book, Blackjack Essays, generally represents some of his earliest forays as an author and serves as a compendium of most of his contributions to the game of blackjack.

There are about 70 essays in this book dealing with a wide range of topics. Almost every one represented a new area of inquiry when it was written. Some now are well integrated into the corpus of general blackjack knowledge, some have been extended and elaborated on in other books, some represent the first foray into a still largely unexplored area, and some are still largely the last word on a particular topic.

The earliest essays in this book cover a concept Malmuth calls, “Card Domination”, which these days is more commonly called Shuffle Tracking. This is still a good introduction to the topic, although the Blackjack Forum series on Shuffle Tracking which appeared in about 1994 is far more thorough. However, I’ve recently seen shuffles which are trackable using Malmuth’s methods.

Another topic Malmuth explores in great depth is that of bankroll requirements or “Gambler’s Ruin”. Malmuth does a great job here of discussing why early blackjack literary figures probably underestimated the size of the fluctuations they would face. Of course, there was still room to explore these ideas in more detail in, for example, Blackjack Attack by Don Schlesinger. However, Malmuth’s writings on this topic are still valuable today, they’re just no longer the last word.

Malmuth provides what is probably the best currently in print description of Front Loading, good information on how to improve the profitability of ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล casino trips, and, a Malmuth trademark, a thorough debunking of several mistaken blackjack myths …

St. Andrews Student Claim UK Student Poker Crown

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Almost 260 students descended on St. Andrews in early April to take part in the biggest poker tournament ever held in the UK — the inaugural UK Student Poker Championships in association with The tournament, held in the Students Union of St. Andrews University, was the brainchild of Christian Harris, a fourth-year French student, who approached Betfred for financial investment and logistical help in order to get the tournament off the ground.

Competitors were playing no-limit Texas hold’em, the popular poker game that is taking the online world by storm, and tickets to the event were worth £30 each, making a total cash prize pool of £7,770. On top of this cash pool, the winner would also receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the World Series of Poker — to be held in Las Vegas in July— courtesy of A ticket for this event alone is worth $10,000!


Held over two days, the starting field of 259 was whittled down to just 30 by the end of day one, with Nikolas Spathis from Aberdeen University ahead in the chip count.

All qualifiers for the second, and final, day were guaranteed a prize, but play was understandably cagey as all players wanted to make it to the prestigious top table of 10 and into the big money.


By late afternoon on Sunday, there were just three left battling for the trophy: Darius Nikbin, who’d travelled up from Imperial College in London; Dhruv Doshi, from Warwick; and Calum MacNicol from St. Andrews. With a huge proportion of the chips sitting with Calum, the others dug deep and won a few hands, but it was to no avail. Calum claimed the title and prize money.

UK Snooker Champion, and keen poker player, Stephen Maguire presented the UK Student Poker champion …