Turning Stone Casino American slot gacor Championship


Turning Stone Casino is hosting the American slot gacor Championship July 12-14, 2004.  Turning Stone Casino is an Indian casino located in Central New York with a 22 table poker room.  The American Poker Championship is a three day no limit Texas Hold’em poker tournament with a $10,000 buy-in.  The Turning Stone Casino is also host to the annual Empire State Poker Series.

The American Poker Championship begins at noon, Monday, July 12, and will be limited to a field of 108 players.  That field will be narrowed to 36 poker players for day two of the poker tournament and then six players for the final table on day three.  The final six players will be competing for $1 Million in prize money.

Fox Sports Net will televise the final table of the American Poker Championship live (well, almost) from the Turning Stone Casino.  The poker tournament will broadcast with a five minute delay to hinder cheating.  The final tournament table will be televised Wednesday, July 14, beginning at 6 p.m. Eastern, and is anticipated to last four hours.  The show is being billed as the first live telecast of a poker tournament final on television.

What makes this a particularly interesting poker tournament, is that many of the top poker pros will be competing in a relatively small field, so there is a good chance of seeing some of them at the final table.  Eight of the top 20 players will be in the poker tournament including Daniel Negreanu, Barry Goldstein, Hasan Habib, Howard Lederer, John Junada, Antonio Estandiari, Ted Forrest and Jon Phan.  Also playing will be Phil Ivey and Chris Moneymaker.

Many of these poker players were at the World Series of Poker this year and you can read their stories at 2004 Poker Series World.  …

Player Sihoki Slot profile: Scott O’Reilly


Scott O’Reilly shoved in his remaining stack after a raise from an early position player. The initial raiser sneered behind designer sunglasses.

“You must be straight from the internet,” he said. “All in, all in, all in.”

The antagonist stood up and showboated for the Sihoki Slot cameras now trained at him. “Here, you want my all in button?” he asked as he walked over to O’Reilly. “You need it more than I do.”

After a few minutes, the player folded and play resumed.

O’Reilly came over to me after the hand and told me had kings. He figured he’d get action after being so aggressive before, but that’s poker.

The 22-year-old O’Reilly, from Torquay, England, won his seat through a $215 Party Poker super satellite and is jazzed about making it deep in his first WSOP main event. He was humming along with 250K in chips as dinner break approached.

“It’s cool,” he said. “It’s a massive, massive event and to still be rolling up the prize pool makes it even more [cool].”

Day 4 Update: Patrick Datillo

“Did you take anybody out today?”

It’s the first question Pat Datillo hears from his boys when he calls home. A hairdresser from Ottowa, Canada, Pat said he attributes his WSOP success to his supportive family.

“I think that’s the main reason I am still in here is the full support from home,” he said.

Pat’s wife Liz has been by his side from day one. Leaving the Rio with him around 2 a.m. and waking up each day around 8 a.m.

“I think she’s just as tired as me,” he said.

Pat began Day 4 with $355,000 and now has around $200,000. He was able to double up early on in the day.

“The river gods were in my …

Gold Takes Out Spirit Rock Sihoki Slot


Prahlad Friedman, better known in the high-stakes online poker world as “Spirit Rock,” was just eliminated in 20th place in an astonishing hand that only further cemented Jamie Gold’s chiplead.

Gold raised to 400,000 and Friedman pushed all-in. Gold clearly had Friedman’s 1.7 million stack covered and called, flipping up the 7c-8d to Friedman’s Ah-3s. After nearly a minute-long wait for a flop as the ESPN cameras moved into position, Gold’s railbirds erupted when the flop came 6s-5c-4d, giving him the nut straight. Friedman’s head sank into his chest as Gold jumped up from the tables to high-five the crowd. The Jh on the turn meant Friedman was drawing dead, and he’ll take $494,797 home to Los Angeles.

Gold may be on one helluva lucky streak as of late, but this hand matchup is closer than you think, and Gold’s call of Friedman’s all-in is actually mathematically correct (he had to call 1.3M to win a 2.3M pot). Before the flop, Friedman was 54% to win and Gold was 45%– pretty close to a coinflip. On the flop, however, Friedman was only drawing to a chop, and there was only a 1% chance of the turn and the river coming runner runner 7 8 to give them identical straights.

Gold is now sitting on more than 20M in chips.


Just in case you think I have taken the easy option: it is hot out here on the patio, it is too dark to take photos in the room and I have had to listen to Celine Dion twice.

Back to the Sihoki Slot , exclusive and mostly accurate coverage. Now thats breaking a trend.

92 players remain: Missing presumed eliminated:Burt Boutin, Tony Cousineau,Darrell Dicken, Paul Darden, Ted Forrest, John Gale,Thor Hansen, Kathy Liebert,Nam Le, Carlos Mortensen,Padraig Parkinson, …

Getting Back into เเทงหวยออนไลน์


For the past few months i’ve barely played any เเทงหวยออนไลน์ but i’m just starting to feel like I am getting back into it again. I’ve always had the most success from heads up Sit and go’s, so that’s what i’ll be playing.

My plan is to start at the $50 level, and hopefully after I make a few thousand, i’ll mix in $100 games, and then eventually $200, $100, and $50 games. I’ve played a ton of games at all those limits before and know what to expect. What i’ll be doing different this time is focusing hard on game selection. I’ll never sit first and only play losing and inexperienced players. The goal is to make money with as little variance as possible by playing bad players.

It’s so weird looking back a year ago and remembering how I thought I knew everything about poker. Now I’m realizing how much more I know now, and still how much I’ll need to mature at the game. It’s not even obvious stuff or directly related to playing cards, but a bunch of small things that will add up to a better ROI. I’ll talk about some of these theories / ideas in the future.

For now I need to work on focus / endurance at the table. I’ve never been able to play more then an hour or two at a time without an ADD attack. I don’t really have ADD, but I have no attention span. —Oh yeah, that reminds me that i was supposed to put clothes in the dryer about two hours ago.— I idolize the players who can pull 10+ hour sessions day in and day out.

Anyway, I’m really excited that I’m back into poker. Hopefully it lasts and I can make a lot of …

Limpy sbo Gimpy


I had to stop at the S&K; on the way to work. We have this giant rear screen projector as part of the new fake-TV set, and I have to wear a sportcoat that fits. For a good year or two I had my weight totally under control, but as is usually the case, I lost focus and gained pounds. In my job things like weight and hairstyle, the dimple in my tie and the fuzzballs on my coat, are under constant scrutiny. My General Manager is the undisputed KING of dapper dressers and last week he called me into his office for a momumental chat.

Just moments before my last workday of the week, before a short vacation and knee surgery, he stopped me in the hall and said, “Make sure you come to my office before you leave today, we need to talk about something important.”

Later that same day he asked again, in the way that any boss actually ASKS for anything, “Don’t forget, you can’t leave today without talking to me first.”

So after my story was written, and all preparations were made, I visited the plush corner office ready for, at best, a dressing down. I couldn’t think of anything I’d done wrong, but the first words out his mouth were these, “I hope you know I DO like you,” he said, before turning to actually face me, “but you may take this the wrong way.”


I suppose most of my life has been as unfocused as my writing. Every effort begins with a too-ambitious goal, obtainable only by too-strenuous determination, which I always half-accomplish. I’m actually struggling to complete this line of thought. I’ve been swept into a chat with TV’S Marc about Hurricane Katrina. I’ll probably finish this post in a …

10 Viral Marketing Kickstart Strategies


Viral advertising and viral marketing are popular means of allowing people to freely pass along or distribute your free product, service and / or information to others. The main viral concept is that you include your targeted ad with the freebie so that hopefully a percentage of the recipients will read your ad and order paid products and services from you at some point in the future.

To help you kick start some viral campaigns, here are 10 viral marketing strategies:

  1. Give other people the right to reprint your articles. They can use them on websites, in ecourses, guides, ezines, print newsletters, magazines, reports, ebooks and more, so in your resource box or byline at the end of the article, include permission for others to reprint the piece, keeping the resource box intact.
  2. Set up an online forum or discussion board with your banner ad at the top and share it with others who do not have anything similar for their sites. Invite forum subscribers to link up in a similar manner.
  3. Create and package a special report, an ebook, learning series or other item from time to time, and insert your ads in all of them. Invite your clients, prospects and others to include these specials as freebies or free bonuses for their own clients, prospects, members and others.
  4. Set up free web sites on your server and include your company banner with link somewhere on the page for promotions. Then give away the free space, requiring people to keep your banner ad in place in exchange for the hosting service at no charge.
  5. Set up a free link directory. Then invite others to add their links to your directory in exchange for a return a link back to your directory site.
  6. Offer some type of free online

Back to State slothoki Park


The danger in writing about poker is that people will read about it.

That may read strangely to you, but it was something I’d never really considered when I sat down to write up my first trip to the State Park game.

It was something I didn’t really consider when I mentioned how the host’s wife’s beauty put me on tilt. It was something I didn’t really consider when I wrote the game sat on a razor’s edge between dangerous and safe.

It was something I didn’t really consider, indeed. That is until I decided to go back tonight and one of the player’s said, “You know, I read that web site you have.”

Therein, friends, lies the danger of writing about slothoki .

There’s a chance people will read it.

So, when word of Up For Poker came up in pre-game conversation, I looked for a quick exit. For instance, I wasn’t sure how comfortable the host would be knowing I found his wife tilt-worthy.

Then one of Greenville County’s finest said, “You know, I walked in the other day and my Lieutenant asked me if I was the one that played in the State Park game.”

That can’t be good, I thought.

“How did he find the site?” I asked, throwing back a mouthful of beer (that’s a nervous habit of mine by the way. Whenever I get a little nervous, I drink whatever is in my hand to the bottom of the glass. It keeps my mouth from saying stupid things).

“Oh, they read all kinds of shit up there,” he said.

“The names have been changed to protect the guilty,” I said. It was a declarative statement, but I’m pretty sure it sounded like a question. I wanted the answer to be, “It’s cool, man.”…

7 Retirement Planning Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Savings

Saving and planning for retirement is a journey that can take several decades. During this time, you are likely to get comfortable when you think you have saved enough. However, some retirement planning mistakes may make your retirement life worse off. A report by National Institute on Retirement Security revealed that most retirees are unprepared for the retirement life. With a median of $120, 000 in savings, an average retiree is unlikely to sustain a 30-year retirement life.

Retirement planning mistakes that will ruin your savings:

  1. Failing to Save Enough

Many people head into retirement with fewer savings than they would like. These savings are unlikely to meet their daily living expenses and health care costs. Retirees make this mistake by either saving too little or starting too late. But, how much is enough? It may depend on your lifestyle and the cost of living. You can use a free savings calculator to see how much you need to save.

Supposing you start working at 25 years and retire at age 65, you should save for at least 30 years in retirement. For every year worked, you should cover three-fourths of expenses in your retirement. To be on the safe side, save more money than you would need. Instead of saving 10% of your income, you can increase this rate and forego some of your current expenses. You need to save approximately 70 to 80% of the income to live the same lifestyle in retirement.

  1. Too much Debt

Going into retirement with large amounts of debts is not only risky but also a big financial mistake. Unless you are earning investment income with a higher interest rate than the debts, you should be worried. High-interest debts such as credit card debts should be paid as quickly as possible. As a …

Dwan Down Another $40k to Jungleman12


Two young phenoms, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan and Daniel “jungleman12″ Cates, were dueling again as part of the Durrrr Challenge 2 on March 29. This would mark the second time the two played in just a few days. Railbirds were informed via Dwan’s twitter with his “About to play a short session vs jungleman on FTP now” tweet. And as usual, all action was played exclusively at FulltTilt bandar judi pulsa .

The action started out great for Dwan as he was trying vigorously to win back some of the $270k he lost the last time the two battled. A crucial hand in Dwan’s favor was when he had 10s7s vs. Cates’ Qc5c. Cates led out on a flop of KdJh7c for $4,800 in a $9,600 pot. Dwan thought for a moment before making the call. Cates continued betting on the 9s turn with complete air. Tom again smooth called the bet, this time for $14,000. Cates unloaded the barrel and pushed all-in on a 6h river. Dwan saw past this bluff and called to scoop in the $108,574 pot.

Tom Dwan enjoyed his early $111,000 lead but would soon find himself in a hole again. Cates managed to out-kick Dwan in a $101k pot in which two 8s fell on the flop and both players holding one. Cates had J8 as opposed to Dwan’s 86 and would dodge the three outs, twice. Both players decided to run it twice with Cates winning both times.

Dwan seemed to be flustered and couldn’t gain back any momentum until he finally quit 1,099 hands and down $39,797 later. Of the 50k hands total they are to play they have now played 19,335. Cates is up an amazing $1,251,059 and Dwan hasn’t led since the 3,000 hand mark. On top of this, Dwan …

This Week at 먹튀사이트 (7th – 13th January 2013)

After a short Christmas break, This Week at FlopTurnRiver returns to guide you through our “sigh, it’s the end of the holidays” period.

Happy Holidays!

Before we start, we hope everyone had a great holiday season! Thank you so much to everyone who supported FlopTurnRiver last year, and we’re really excited about what 2013 holds. We hope you are too!

We’re not giving away much right now, but expect to see some cool forum updates, an exclusive program to give even more back to anyone 먹튀사이트 who signs up to poker rooms through us and bigger and better tournaments and competitions.

Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS XXI

Full Tilt’s MiniFTOPS is back! It kicked off yesterday with a massive $22 $300k guarantee, and it runs for 2 weeks until Sunday 20th January. All the events are in the calendar in the poker forum so make sure to check them out!

As well as event listings, we have a comprehensive information thread with information on satellites, the schedule and (hopefully) some people to rail!

If you haven’t already got a Full Tilt account, click here to sign up now. By signing up through FTR, you’ll get a 100% bonus up to $600 and access to future exclusive tournaments.

Build a Bankroll with FTR

Often starting out at poker can be the hardest time – grinding for little money at the micros against stupid players who always seem to get there and paying more rake than is really fair. That’s why we’ve created the Build a Bankroll with FTR thread with information on what is basically free money. Bonuses, added value tournaments, promotions and more will be added and we’d appreciate help. So if you’ve got any comments or know a great value promotion, we’d be grateful if you could share it with …