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Brush up on your bingo glossary


As discussed in a previous post, getting a grasp on popular bingo lingo (also known as online bingo chat terms), is an important part of becoming a full-fledged member of any online bingo community, especially if you want to chat online.


In addition to all these fun acronyms, however, there is more to bingo talk.  In fact, there is an entire bingo glossary, comprised of unique bingo terminology.


Learning a “new language” can seem like an intimidating task, but with the help of our comprehensive glossary, becoming fluent in bingo talk is a breeze!


Besides, once you have a glance at the list, you’ll realize that many of the words and terms are pretty intuitive (like 75 ball bingo or bingo card) – i.e. trust your interpretation of the term and it’s likely you’ll be right.


But, if you think you know but aren’t exactly sure what, for example, “auto buy” or “blackout” mean in the context of online bingo play, then you should definitely make sure to visit Titan Bingo for the answers.


Of course, if you’re ever confused along the way, you’re welcome to ask one of our friendly Chat Masters who are always available to help, or contact our 24/7 Support.




At Titan Bingo we speak your language


Titan Bingo just got even better – that is if you think being accessible and user-friendly are positive attributes (which we certainly do).


How’s that? Easy. We’ve just released togel online Bingo in five additional languages.  That means you can now enjoy your favorite online bingo site in French, Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish, in addition to English.


So if you’re a native speaker of any one of these languages, and are already a member of Titan Bingo, you no longer have to brush up on your English skills – instead you can truly relax and play in your language of choice.


Of course it’s not only the Titan Bingo website that is accessible in these five additional languages, it’s also our terrific 24/7 Customer Support service.  That’s right, now you can get live assistance in a whole multitude of languages.


And if you like, you can also receive our promotions (and any other player correspondences), in your preferred language.  All you have to do is register in your language of choice, or, if you’re an existing member change the settings on your account (you will be receiving an email to explain this process shortly).

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