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Brush up on your bingo glossary


As discussed in a previous post, getting a grasp on popular bingo lingo (also known as online bingo chat terms), is an important part of becoming a full-fledged member of any online bingo community, especially if you want to chat online.


In addition to all these fun acronyms, however, there is more to bingo talk.  In fact, there is an entire bingo glossary, comprised of unique bingo terminology.


Learning a “new language” can seem like an intimidating task, but with the help of our comprehensive glossary, becoming fluent in bingo talk is a breeze!


Besides, once you have a glance at the list, you’ll realize that many of the words and terms are pretty intuitive (like 75 ball bingo or bingo card) – i.e. trust your interpretation of the term and it’s likely you’ll be right.


But, if you think you know but aren’t exactly sure what, for example, “auto buy” or “blackout” mean in the context of online bingo play, then you should definitely make sure to visit Titan Bingo for the answers.


Of course, if you’re ever confused along the way, you’re welcome to ask one of our friendly Chat Masters who are always available to help, or contact our 24/7 Support.




At Titan Bingo we speak your language


Titan Bingo just got even better – that is if you think being accessible and user-friendly are positive attributes (which we certainly do).


How’s that? Easy. We’ve just released togel online Bingo in five additional languages.  That means you can now enjoy your favorite online bingo site in French, Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish, in addition to English.


So if you’re a native speaker of …

Tutorial Betting Asian Yang Harus Diperhatikan Togel Hongkong

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Bagi penggemar layanan Bandar agen bola dan sportsbook disediakan oleh agen. Bisa main judi maupun memasang taruhan beberapa tipe taruhan yaitu diantaranya Asian Handicap, 1×2, Over Under dan lainnya. Tutorial betting asian 1 x 2 akan memberikan penjelasan secara singkat tentang tipe taruhan 1×2 dan proses pemasangan taruhannya.


daftar segera di sbobet dengan minimal deposit 50rb dan mainkan berbagai games online kami menerima transaksi via atm bank BCA, BNI, BRI, Danamon, Cimb Niaga dan Mandiri


Semua tipe taruhan disediakan oleh agen biasanya mempunyai Odds berbeda baik untuk masing-masing tanding atau untuk jenis pasangan seperti Half Time mauun Full Time untuk pertandingan yang tertentu. Meskipun masing-masing operator perjudian online tersebut booki mempunyai muka berbeda-beda agar dapat melakukan pasangan pada tipe taruhan bola. Tetapi dengan konsep semuanya mempunyai Togel Hongkong cara perhitungan serta penentuan kemenangan sama.


Pengertian Tipe Pasang 1×2

Ax2 tersebut dikenal juga dengan pasangan tauhan 3 pilihan adalah pilihan 1, pilihan X dan pilihan 2 dengan pengertian 1 bagi kemenangan untuk tuan rumah (home win), X hasil imbang dan 2 untuk kemenangan untuk tim tamu (away win)


pilih 1 jika ingin memasang kemenangan untuk tuan rumah

pilih x jika ingin memasang hasil imbang

pilih 2 jika ingin memasangan kemenangan untuk tim tamu

Masing-masing pilihan tersebut memiliki Odds berbeda baik di masing-masing pertandingan atau Odds berbeda pada masing-masing bookie. Demikian juga pilihan pasangan, Odds bagi babak pertama (HT) berbeda dengan Odds untuk tanding penuh (FT).


Harap semuanya memperhatikan Tutorial betting asian 1 x 2 bahwa perjudian bola tersebut hanya mempertimbangkan hasil 90 menit pertama maupun waktu normal, terhadap kondisi pertandingan tersebut harus ada babak tambahan waktu maupun extra time serta adu pinalti maka hasil extra time maupun adu penalty tersebut tidak masuk pada perhitungan pasangan maupun taruhan. Hal tersebut berlaku bagi semua …

Midnight Mardi Gras Bitcoin Dice

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Unless you hail from Argentina then Wednesday night in Frankfurt will stay with those present a long while. From the storm that split the stadium’s hi-tech textile roof to the spectacle of a canteen full of journalists erupting with the cry of “HUTH!”, there was no shortage of memorable moments.


The most indelible memory, however, came hours after the final whistle as waiting reporters checked their watches mindful of deadlines, column inches and airtime that needed to be filled.


Suddenly the bowels of the stadium were transformed as a samba/conga train consisting of the entire Brazil squad was led by Roque Junior, Dida on drums and Ronaldinho on tambourine in single file from dressing room to bus and on to a hotel party.

This snatch of carnival was the brainwave of their shrewd yet gregarious coach Carlos Alberto Parreira, who brought up the rear in almost comical concession to the quote quota demanded by reporters still too stunned to realise the ruse had denied them any words from the all-but-musically mute players.


Such non-synthetic ebullience and glamour was what the German organising committee could only have prayed for as they look for their promotional bandwagon to peak by the same time in 2006.


“Over-organisation gone mad… the logical result of combining FIFA with this country” was the view of one anonymous Kicker magazine scribe of his own compatriots and their approach to the tournament’s overall organisation.


Still, somehow the rhythm of Brazil had prevailed and put the uber-bureaucracy, the roadblocks – email das purist via if you want to know the German for road rage – the confiscation of prize-winners’ rival-sponsored clothes for the day by McDonalds staff, all the translation snafus and even the likely doping let-off for Mexico in …

BetOnSports Close USA Togel Online Sports Betting Business

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Internet gaming group BETonSPORTS , which removed its Chief Executive, David Carruthers, from his post following his detention in Texas last month, closed its U.S.A. facing business.

The company said it would cease operations in Costa Rica and Antigua, where its U.S. operations are based, because they were no longer viable amid a restraining order on the business and the charges faced by former Chief Executive David Carruthers.


BETonSPORTS said it would also pay any liabilities to staff and creditors and repay balances due to U.S. customers.


Carruthers and seven others have already pleaded not guilty to racketeering and other charges. A U.S. court had extended to August 14 an order barring the online bookmaker from taking U.S. bets.


The charges allege the company failed to pay U.S. excise taxes on more than $3.3 billion in wagers taken from U.S. bettors. The government is seeking forfeiture of $4.5 billion, removal of access to BETonSPORTS’s websites in the United States, and the return of money held for U.S. account holders. The United States is the bookmaker’s biggest market.


BetCorp Hangs Up USA Phone Wagering


Betcorp, the AIM-listed online gaming company, has announced that it is no longer taking telephone bets from American residents, and is reviewing its US-facing businesses which currently account for up to 85% of revenue, in the wake of the BetOnSports affair.


Chief executive Colin Walker explained that Togel Online Betcorp would continue to monitor its US-facing businesses in the light of continued uncertainty about the legality of online gaming.


‘We’re registered in Antigua, where we take bets, and the view we had understood from our legal advisers was that we had been acting legally and appropriately. Recent events have cast that into doubt.’


Betcorp shares plummeted …

Spanish 21 – Spanish Togel and Blackjack




Casinos are entertainment zones which offer gambling opportunities and are prevalent in hotels, restaurants and markets. Casinos have been common since various centuries and there are innumerable popular casino games which have been admired over the years. Blackjack is one of the most popular card games which are played in vogue in casinos. It was in 1700 that the very first instance of the playing of this game was noticed in French casinos. Since then it has been well accepted in various other countries. It is interesting to note that the immense popularity of this game has also ensured the birth of various other variants. One of the major factors that have facilitated the success of this game is the fact that unlike most of the casino games where winning stakes is dependent upon luck factors, the game of blackjack involves considerable exercising of one’s intelligence to ensure a definite win in the end. Spanish 21 or Spanish blackjack refers to a variant of the blackjack which was manufactured by a Colorado based firm called Masque Publishing Inc. which engages in the production and publishing of games. In various casinos of the Australian continent and in Malaysia, this unlicensed version of the game is played in vogue and is known as Pontoon.


It is necessary to remember that in a casino, the playing of this game of Spanish 21 requires a standard blackjack table and the use of a constant shuffling machine or CSM. Spanish 21 makes use of 48 card Spanish decks with all the cards possessing the same value as that of the blackjack. Similar to the original game of blackjack, the game is played between the players and the dealer. According to the rules of this game, it is mandatory for the blackjack to …

kesempatan muda menang di Qiu Qiu Online agen bola sbobet

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kesempatan muda menang di agen bola sbobetBagi para penggemar olahraga, betting sudah barang tentu sesuatu yang sangat familiar bagi mereka. Meski begitu, di kebanyakan situs, betting hanya memberikan kesempatan menang kecil,bahkan terkesan untung-untungan bagi para anggota betting. Namun tidak di agen bola sbobet, situs yang sudah dianggap sebagai situs betting terbaik saat ini. Dengan banyak sekali paketbetting yang memungkinkan anggotanya menang sangat mudah ketika mereka melakukan betting di situs ini. Bagaimana tidak, paket-paket betting yang tersedia di situs ini sangat beragam danmemberikan banyak sekali kesempatan untuk menang bagi para anggota yang turut serta dalam suatu event. Salah satu paket yang tersedia saat ini yaitu paket double chance, yaitu paket betting yang memungkinkan pengguna memilih dua dari alternatif tiga hasil akhir suatu event olahraga. Ketika menggunakan paket ini, kita dapat memilih menang tandang atau menang kandang, menang tandang atau imbang, maupun menang kandang atau imbang. Jika satu dari dua kemungkinan yang kita tentukan benar, maka kita bisa menang dan ini tentu saja sesuatu yang menyenangkan bagi para penggemar betting manapun.


Selain menawarkan berbagai paket betting yang memungkinkan pemasang taruhan menang dengan mudah, di Login Sbobet juga merupakan situs betting yang menawarkan cara taruhan paling mudah. ‘Nyatanya, taruhan di situs ini bisa dilakukan dari iPhone yang memungkinkan kita untuk memasang taruhan dimanapun dan kapanpun. Hal ini merupakan fasilitas baru yang ditawarkan oleh situs ini kepada para pemasang taruhan yang menginginkan solusi mudah untuk aktivitas betting mereka. Selain kemudahan-kemudahan yang ditawarkan lewat paket-paket menguntungkan dan fasilitas betting lewat iPhone tersebut, tentu saja masih ada banyak kemudahan yang ditawarkan oleh kepada penggunanya saat ini. Yang pertama yaitu bagaimana mudahnya bergabung dan memasang taruhan di situs ini. Untuk bergabung di situs ini, anda tinggal mendaftar akun baru dan anda akan mendapatkan akses ke fasilitas betting terbaik yang disediakan oleh situs ini. Di …

The Internet Is the Perfect Place for Judi Online Gambling

Judi Online



With the overwhelming popularity of online poker rooms and casinos, it is not surprising that so many individuals have made the Internet their home for this type of gaming and gambling activity in general. With such a highly popular game and the effect it has on players, there is no telling how many players will actually wind up playing in online poker rooms and casinos over the future. What is certain however, is that these types of poker rooms and casinos are so popular that they continue to generate interest year after year from professional level players of every caliber. With such famous players and professional level Texas Hold’em poker tournament players making their home at online poker rooms such as, it is not surprising to see the rest of the world following suit. As more and more of these poker and casino gaming enthusiasts make their way to the online poker rooms and casinos, it becomes readily apparent that there is little need for the traditional brick and mortar casino and poker room gambling experience for these individuals. No wonder there is such a tremendous amount of players focused on the web, it is far easier to sign up, play and win than the off-line counterpart. As more players try to test their luck at the online poker rooms and casinos, these types of facilities continue to generate income again and again from these extraordinarily motivated players. This is hardly surprising, as these types of online poker room and casino enthusiasts tend to be extraordinarily loyal.


With the tremendous amounts of Judi Online players flocking to these types of poker rooms, it is rather easy to see that there is a monstrous amount of popularity associated with these online poker rooms and online …

Sbobet bet – Mengerti Club Licensing Regulations & Manfaatnya dalam Sepakbola Indonesia

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Sepakbola Indonesia sudah menyudahi segenap rencana utamanya (ISL juga timnas), namun demikian perkataan lainnya selagi terbit: perbisnisan reposisi pemain! Media sosial & situs-situs berita gempar sama rumor perpindahan-perpindahan pemain.test1


Tersedia drama, semacam tatkala Ferdinand Sinaga dengan mengejutkan berhijrah ke Sriwijaya FC. Terdapat tarik menarik, bagaikan rumor Fabiano Beltrame yang dikabarkan akan berkolaborasi dari Arema sampai Barito. Juga gempita sebab Bambang Pamungkas balik ke Persija Jakarta. Juga gossip ‘wah’ soal dana yang mesti dibayarkan Persib dalam menggunakan Pacho Kenmogne yg hingga dikabarkan menggondol Rp dua miliar lebih.


Beberapa orang2 memandang itu kode iklim industriasasi sepakbola Indonesia bertambah segar & menguat. Benarkah begitu?


1 hal yang sudah jelas, riuh rendah penjelasan tentang peralihan pemain di Indonesia itu tampak kala timnas ulung benar2 musnah di Piala AFF. Ditargetkan juara, sekiranya tidak berhasil lolos di semifinal dgn catatan menyedihkan: bertekuk lutut pada tangan Filipina secara menistakan.


Belum lagi kalau bicara sepakbola gajah yg belum selesai. Masih belum jelas siapa sebenarnya pemeran intelektual atas duel menghinakan PSS vs PSIS tersebut. Setiap tokoh juga ke-2 pemain mengerjakan banding serta hingga saat ini belum jelas pula bagaimana dan bagaikan segala apa hasilnya.


Jangan sampai publik sepakbola tersengsem dgn berita-berita wah soal pergeseran pemain juga harganya yang luar biasa serta abai mengkritik problem mendasar: sudahkah persoalan-persoalan laten & menahun sepakbola Indonesia tersebut terselesaikan?


Perbincangan yang harus selalu diajukan tiap periode memandang perpindahan tokoh dgn jumlah yg terdengar luar biasa (Pacho, kabarnya, , dibandrol lebih daripada Rp 2 miliar) yakni benarkah ini harga yang masuk akal? Apakah riuh rendah tersebut menandakan kalau iklim usaha sepakbola sudah terbentuk? Adakah jaminan gembar-gembor judi poker  komitmen tokoh pada awal musim ini dapat terpadu dipraktikkan cocok perjanjian kontrak hingga puncak musim? Jangan-jangan kabar klasik akan terbit balik: gaji ditunggak, tokoh tertahan atau team yg tidak …

Chelsea Ingin Menjual Nicholas Anelka

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Agen bola indonesia akan membahas soal berita bola terbaru yang datangnya dari liga inggris khususnya tim chelsea. Peforma Chelsea musim ini sangat tidak mengenakkan bagi para petinggi klub, npemilik klub serta Fans The Blues “ Chelsea”. Untuk musim depan Chelsea ingin merombak skuat yang ada musim ini. Musim ini Chelsea gagal mempertahankan gelarliga Inggris.


Untuk merombak tim Chelsea butuh dana banyak, rumor terdengar pemilik klub Roman Abramovic ingin melego striker andalannya Nikolas Anelka. Anelka dimasukkan ke daftar urutan pertama pada bursa transfer, karena harganya yang tinggi. Pasalnya pemilik klub enggan mengeluarkan dana banyak. Dengan terjualnya Nikolas Anelka Chelsea akan lebih leluasa untuk mencari pemain baru.


Untuk menggantikan Nikolas Anelka Chelsea menginginkan striker Athletico Madrid “ Segio Qun Aguero ”. Aguero salah satu incaran utam The Blues. Chelsea siap mengelontorkan dana sebesar 23 juta pounsterling untuk memboyong laki- laki 22 tahun itu “ Sergio Qun Aguero ” ke Stamford Brig. Rumor mendatangkan Aguero Chelsea tidak semudah membalikkan tangan , Chelsea harus bersaing dengan klub Itali, Juventus yang juga ngotot untuk bias meminang Segio Qun Aguero.


Nah bagi kamu yang ingin bermain judi bola internet lebih baik ke yang merupakan agen judi bola internet terpercaya di indonesia. Mereka adalah agen judi online dan agen bola yang bisa dipercaya dan terbaik yang ada di negara indonesia ini.


Situs dan Website Agen Taruhan Bola Online poker online


Agen Bola Indonesia yang merupakan agen bola sbobet dan agen bola ibcbet akan berikan sebuah situs dan website rekomendasi untuk agen taruhan bola online di internet.Memang sekarang ini situs agen taruhan bola online lagi banyak-banyaknya dan bisa dibilang bejibun. Tapi menurut saya sendiri situs taruhan bola online terpercaya dan terbaik hanyalah . Mereka adalah agen judi bola terpercaya dan juga agen bola terbaik.


Taruhan bola tidak hanya …

Blackjack En Ligne Français De Expertcasinoenlignefrancais.Com



Au Blackjack en ligne, Pas besoin de bluffer! Essayez comme vous le pouvez; il vous sera difficile de trouver un jeu en France que les amateurs de jeux aiment plus que ce jeu. Connu aussi sous le nom « 21 ». Le Blackjack est un jeu de cartes où les joueurs sont en concurrence directe contre le croupier. Le but reste de voir qui peut venir le plus proche de 21 points sans le dépasser afin de gagner de l’argent réel.


En jetant un œil sur la mécanique du jeu, il est facile de voir pourquoi ce jeu est si populaire chez les joueurs. On comprend aussi pourquoi il est classé parmi les meilleurs jeu dans les casinos en ligne français. C’est un jeu qui peut être agréable aussi bien pour les joueurs débutants que pour les joueurs professionnels. A cause du fait qu’il reste un jeu de casino en ligne simple et facile.


Lorsque vous êtes nouveau joueur à ce jeu et que vous jouiez depuis la France; c’est plus une question de chance. A ce niveau, c’est plus intéressant pour vous de jouer quelques mains dans la simplicité. Plus vos connaissances se développent; vous commencez à voir des stratégies que vous pouvez utiliser à votre avantage. Le jeu continue d’évoluer de manière remarquable dans l’environnement des jeux en ligne. Vous pouvez jouer gratuitement en ligne ou pour de l’argent réel. Tout dépend de votre poche ainsi que du casino en ligne que vous avez choisi.


Blackjack en ligne gratuit



Six ponts sont utilisés pour jouer au blackjack en ligne. Pour s’assurer que le comptage des cartes n’est pas possible et permettre un jeu équitable.

Chaque casino en ligne a ses règles sur quand …