Tax Hike in Plans for A.C. Casinos

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Trying to bridge a state budget gap, Gov. James E. McGreevey proposed a casino tax Monday that would cost Atlantic City casinos at least $135 million this year, cutting into its net profit and reducing its cash flow by 11 percent. McGreevey says he wants to raise casino revenue tax to 10 percent from 8 percent, impose a sales tax on the rooms, meals and other incentives casinos give free to their best patrons, and also impose a 7 percent occupancy tax on hotel rooms statewide. Experts said the timing is bad for the casino industry as it comes off a year in which revenue grew only 2.4 percent and casino-style gambling is likely to spread to neighboring states. Dennis Gomes, president of the Casino Association of New Jersey, called the plan “a ridiculous proposition.” According to Gomes, it would hinder expansion, scare investors, cause job cuts and threaten weak casinos – ultimately resulting in less money for social programs funded by the state gaming tax. The casino-revenue tax rate in Atlantic City hasn’t changed since the first casino opened 25 years ago.


Internet Gaming Bills Could Go to House Soon


On the first day of the 108th session of Congress, Jan. 7, Rep. James Leach introduced a bill–similar to the one he introduced last year–that would prohibit online gambling. The bill could go to the U.S. House of Representatives soon. Leach’s new bill, HR 21, would make Internet gambling illegal by virtually all payment methods now used by players to finance their online gaming. Credit cards, wire transfers and all other bank instruments Roobet Crash would become illegal for online gaming merchants to accept from U.S. players. A source from within the legislative process, who spoke to Interactive Gaming News, said Rep. Michael Oxley, who is the …

Midnight Mardi Gras Bitcoin Dice

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Unless you hail from Argentina then Wednesday night in Frankfurt will stay with those present a long while. From the storm that split the stadium’s hi-tech textile roof to the spectacle of a canteen full of journalists erupting with the cry of “HUTH!”, there was no shortage of memorable moments.

The most indelible memory, however, came hours after the final whistle as waiting reporters checked their watches mindful of deadlines, column inches and airtime that needed to be filled.

Suddenly the bowels of the stadium were transformed as a samba/conga train consisting of the entire Brazil squad was led by Roque Junior, Dida on drums and Ronaldinho on tambourine in single file from dressing room to bus and on to a hotel party.

This snatch of carnival was the brainwave of their shrewd yet gregarious coach Carlos Alberto Parreira, who brought up the rear in almost comical concession to the quote quota demanded by reporters still too stunned to realise the ruse had denied them any words from the all-but-musically mute players.

Such non-synthetic ebullience and glamour was what the German organising committee could only have prayed for as they look for their promotional bandwagon to peak by the same time in 2006.

“Over-organisation gone mad… the logical result of combining FIFA with this country” was the view of one anonymous Kicker magazine scribe of his own compatriots and their approach to the tournament’s overall organisation.

Still, somehow the rhythm of Brazil had prevailed and put the uber-bureaucracy, the roadblocks – email das purist via if you want to know the German for road rage – the confiscation of prize-winners’ rival-sponsored clothes for the day by McDonalds staff, all the translation snafus and even the likely doping let-off for Mexico in perspective.

Stelios Giannakopoulis had advised das purist beforehand …

New Jersey Sues Online Singapore Online Casino Casinos



The state of New Jersey on Monday sued three Internet gambling sites for offering their services to residents of the Garden State.


The state has targeted,, and, alleging that the casinos do not do enough to prevent children from gambling online.


The lawsuit aims to stop the companies from taking bets from New Jersey residents and advertising the sites. Investigators also want to know how many bets these sites accepted, and how the bettors fared.


State officials may be forced to serve legal papers by e-mail, as they are having difficulty locating company officials. and do not list the location of their corporate headquarters, but is based in St. Kitt’s in the Caribbean.


The lawsuit was launched in response to highway billboards advertising the sites.


Net Entertainment Debuts Spanish Casino


Net Entertainment, the premier developer of Java Singapore Online Casino gaming software, is due to release a new Spanish-language online casino, Apuestas Casino, together with Gruopo Zeta, one of the leading media groups in Spain. The grand opening is set to the beginning of June 2001.


Targeting a Spanish-speaking audience, the Apuestas Casino will be based upon the Net Entertainment Internet casino platform. The Apuestas Casino will be easy and fast to access at ordinary modem speed, and because of the its Java-based platform, it will be suited for a diversified target group.


“Gruopo Zeta is the perfect partner with lots of media channels, giving Apuestas Casino good media exposure towards the Latin and South American countries,” said Pontus Lindwall, CEO for Net Entertainment.


Apuestas Casino is the first online casino to be totally converted into another language than English. The games are Spanish-themed with Spanish design and game names. Apuestas Casinos also …

Sports Betting – Straight Joker123 Slot Bets and the Points Spread

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Straight bets are the most common sports bets. When you place a straight bet, you simply pick the team that will win or lose the game. But of course you’ll also need to consider the point spread or moneyline.


The oddsmaker sets a point spread for football, basketball and hockey games. The point spread is the number of points that the favored team is expected to win by. For example, say the New York Knicks are favored to beat the LA Clippers by a point spread of 7. That means that if you pick the Knicks to win, they have to win by more than 7 points for you to win your bet.


If they win by fewer than 7 points or lose the game, you lose your bet. If they win by exactly 7 points (the point spread), the result is a push or tie. That means that you don’t win or lose, your original bet is refunded.


The favorite is always indicated by a minus sign and the underdog by a plus sign. For betting purposes, the result of the game is determined by taking the actual score and subtracting points from the favorite’s score or adding points to the underdog’s score. In our example, we could say that the Knicks are -7 or that the Clippers are +7. In other words, we subtract 7 points from the Knicks final score or add 7 to the Clippers score to determine the winner.


If the teams are evenly matched and there is no spread, the sportsbook will display PK or PICK, which means the spread is zero.


Sometimes the points spread is not an even number but a half point – 5 ½, for example. By setting the spread at a half point, the …


January has been an exciting month for Bitcoin. We have seen a number of news articles about Bitcoin from various mainstream media sources, nearly all of which have been positive, as well as reports of record-breaking revenues from Bitcoin businesses, increasing adoption and, last but not least, a rapid growth in the Bitcoin price. Over the past three months since WordPress started accepting Bitcoin for its premium services, the mood within the Bitcoin community has turned much more optimistic, and with good reason; many of the scams and scandals that had been holding Bitcoin back in 2012 are now well past us, and the currency’s positive fundamentals are showing through ever more clearly. Many have predicted that 2013 would be a landmark year for Bitcoin, and so far, reports from all sides of the Bitcoin community show that these predictions have been spot on.



The popular Bitcoin dice game SatoshiDice announced record-breaking profits in the months of December and January, earning 17000 BTC and 20000 BTC ($340,000 and $400,000) in the past two months, respectively. S.DICE share prices on MPEX are now more than double the original IPO price.

BitZino reported that in 2012, users cashed out a total of 28,986 BTC, bet a total of 664,192 BTC and earned the company 10,137 BTC in profits.

An established name in the rapidly growing Bitcoin poker industry, Seals with Clubs, has reported total withdrawals of 110,587 BTC over the past sixteen months, and over 1,000 unique players in the months of December.


Infiniti Poker announced that it is set to go live in February, offering Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal option. Learn more about SKYBLOCK GUIDE



After months of setbacks and delays on the part of all three of their …

British tax havens take gamble on Internet casinos

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British offshore tax havens Alderney and The Isle of Man will allow online casinos to operate on the islands, officials say, raising the stakes for bringing a multi-billion dollar industry to Europe.


English Channel island with a population of 2,400 and an economy dependent on tourism, is the first out of the gates. It will begin taking applications on Wednesday for six new e-gaming licences, said Moran Chapman, chief executive for the Alderney Gambling Togel Hongkong  Control Commission.

The Isle of Man will announce in the coming weeks that it has created three new e-gaming licenses, a gaming official there said. Both jurisdictions, which are independent from British rule, passed the legislation last month.


“It’s not a race,” said Chapman. “It’s a global industry. All sorts of people will become involved in [online gaming industry] in one shape or another.”


The lure is that online gambling – from betting on horses and American football to virtual blackjack and roulette – has become a large and growing activity. A commonly cited report by U.S. gambling consultancy The River City Group says the e-gaming industry will grow to a $5 billion market by 2003.


At the moment though few jurisdictions permit online gambling and some lawmakers, particularly in the United States, are seeking complete bans on the nascent industry.




In the U.S., the Nevada legislature has gone against the strong federal sentiment in Washington, by passing a state law earlier this year allowing for online casinos. Similar local laws are pending in Australia and parts of Canada.


But otherwise, the online casinos, which, according to a Bear Stearns study, comprises roughly 1,400 sites, have been forced to set up shop in areas such as Costa Rica and the Caribbean island …

Jim Collins to CEOs: Lose the Charisma in Sg Online Casino



The Built to Last author’s new book extols the vast transformational power of the really dull executive.


As companies like Cisco (CSCO) and Yahoo (YHOO) precipitously fall out of fashion, management theorists have set out to find the new avatars of economic prowess. This time around, sexy is out, dowdy is in.


Take the 11 companies examined in Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … and Others Don’t, by Jim Collins, co-author of the blockbuster Built to Last. His frumpy crew of new business paragons includes Gillette (G), Kimberly-Clark (KMB), Pitney Bowes (PBI), and Walgreens (WAG). Collins retraces their metamorphoses from mediocre to stellar, as measured in stock performance, and contrasts their progress with the performance of similar companies that haven’t produced such impressive stock results. (For details on how the companies were chosen, see “Making the Good-to-Great Grade,” on the next page.)


Collins doesn’t want for intensity; total immersion is his style. Good to Great, due out in October from Harper Books, was five years in the making and involved 21 researchers. (Collins calls them “Chimps.” He means it affectionately.) It took six months just to identify the “good to great” companies. Then Collins and his Chimps interviewed executives, sifted through press clippings, and methodically identified distinct patterns of success and failure.


Let’s pause here to acknowledge that, yes, Collins is a management guru, and as you may have read elsewhere in this issue, gurudom is fraught with peril. But the years of work that went into Good to Great yields some provocative and controversial insights. Such as: Charisma is a liability — something to be overcome, like a speech impediment. Executive compensation and company performance are not linked. And — brace yourself — technology has nearly zilch to do …

Hati – hati dengan Judi online di Internet

Anggota parlemen Midlothian , Owen Thompson , telah menyerukan tindakan yang lebih kuat untuk melindungi keluarga dari masalah keuangan melalui pengeluaran untuk Judi online di Internet selama penguncian coronavirus.


Mr Thompson telah mengajukan pertanyaan parlementer tertulis tentang Judi online di Internet dan Judi online di Internet dan telah menulis kepada Google dan Apple untuk meningkatkan kekhawatiran tentang penggunaan model pembelian dalam aplikasi yang berlebihan dalam game yang dijalankan dari Situs – situs yang tersedia mereka. Mr Thompson menyerukan langkah – langkah seperti batasan pengeluaran yang ditetapkan dan pemasaran yang sesuai dengan usia untuk game yang berisi aktivitas seperti Judi online di Internet.


Dia adalah juru kampanye jangka panjang untuk peningkatan perlindungan konsumen untuk Judi online di Internet , dan sebelumnya memimpin debat parlemen tentang masalah ini.


Mr Thompson berkata: – “Kami sudah tahu kecanduan judi online adalah ancaman yang lebih besar sementara orang berjuang untuk mengatasi penguncian , tetapi ada risiko nyata bahwa keluarga dapat menemukan diri mereka dengan tagihan yang besar dan kuat melalui Judi online di Internet juga.



Owen Thompson MP

“Saya menyambut berita hari ini dari Dewan Judi online di Internet dan Permainan bahwa iklan Judi online di Internet radio dan TV dari anggota mereka dihapus selama masa yang belum pernah terjadi sebelumnya ini , tetapi ini tidak cukup jauh dan tidak termasuk iklan di media sosial dan pemasaran bertarget yang tampaknya menjamur sejak krisis dimulai.


“Ini merupakan kekhawatiran khusus bagi anak – anak dan remaja yang merupakan pasar kuat untuk Judi online di Internet yang berisi pembelian dalam aplikasi. Barang – barang yang dapat mereka beli seperti ‘kotak jarahan’ tidak diatur seperti permainan judi , namun mendorong perilaku seperti Judi online di Internet yang sama.



“Begitu orang ketagihan , mereka mungkin membayar sedikit untuk terus bermain atau meningkatkan …



LAS VEGAS, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Santa Fe Gaming Corporation (AMEX: SGM), a diversified gaming company headquartered in Las Vegas, today announced results for the quarter ended June 30, 1997.

For the three month period ended June 30, 1997, Santa Fe Gaming reported revenues of $27.5 million and operating income of $2.7 million compared to revenues of $26.0 million and an operating loss of $400,000 during the prior year three month period. The Company reported a net loss of $2.4 million or $.38 per common share in the current period as compared to a net loss of

$4.5 million or $.73 per common share for the same period in 1996.


For the nine month period ended June 30, 1997, the Company reported revenues of $80.4 million and net loss of $8.5 million or $1.37 per common share, compared to revenues of $83.1 million and net loss of $10.9 million or $1.76 per common share in the nine month period ended June 30, 1996, excluding a gain on the sale of substantially all the assets of the Sahara Hotel and

Casino of $40.8 million before taxes or $4.34 per common share, and a net after tax gain of $7.9 million, or $1.27 per common share, related to the repurchase of $48.3 million of long-term debt.


The Company’s improved Ligaz888 financial results are attributable primarily to improved operating results at the Santa Fe Hotel and Casino in northwest Las Vegas. The Santa Fe increased revenues from operations by $2.4 million or 16.8% to $16.8 million during the quarter ended of June 30, 1997. Operating income in the current period increased to $2.7 million up from an operating loss of approximately $300,000 during the same prior year period. The property increased revenues and improved operating margins despite ongoing construction of the …