Cheers! Best MTT Preformance yet –!

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Once we got 12 handed I admittedly played weak-tight-passive and folded a lot of hands I usually wouldn’t had it been a SNG, but this wasn’t a SNG! 10th-18th received $340 for their troubles while the rest of the payouts went somethign like this:


9th: $490 8th: $740 7th: $1,090 6th: $1,400 and onwards. 1st place cashed $7,700!


So anyway, I really wanted to make the final table. There was one player who wouldn’t die haha. He won K♥10♥ vs A♣K♠ with an ace on the flop, hit runner runner broadway. Anywho, I made it to the final table. And the VERY first hand I went all in with 10♠10♦ directly to the left of the shortstack who had raised all in. The chip leader called. I was up against A♣10♣ and K♣Q♣ and survived with a 8 high flop! That secured me 8th place and $740, but I wanted to at least break the $1k mark.


A few all ins ( 33 vs 10 10) and A7 vs AK and the worst hand kept winning! Finally a player went out wtih A2 vs 88 from a good call on the flop from 88.


A few hands later two talls stacks went all-in and one of them was left with 55k. He busted out in 7th and then I decided I’d start playing hands, haha. At that point I had raised with Q♣3♣ and stole some blinds and the raise with 10-10. I went all in with A2 trying to take down the blinds and ran into 10♣10♠ in the small blind, didn’t improve, and was out in 6th.


It was a hell of a run with lots of excitement. I was definately out of my comfort zone and most people will say thats the only way to get better is to keep preforming outside of your comfort level. Took home a clean $1,400 for my 6.5 hours, not too bad 🙂


Good luck out there! This weekend we party hard!


Wo0! Cheers! visitez le site


Oh – Here are some other key hands (The ones I got lucky in, hahah)



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