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Coinbase announced support for bitcoin core in its noncustodial account. The wallet was originally intended to hold ethereum (ETH), Ethereum classics (ETC) and ERC20 tokens. The San Francisco-based company plans on adding more currencies to its wallet in the near future.


Noncustodial Coinbase wallet now supports BTC on Shelter Crypto


Coinbase launched a noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet to store, send and receive ETC, ETH and other ERC-based tokens. Coinbase Wallet was rebranded from the ‘Toshi’ client it introduced in April 2017. The wallet can also be connected to a dapp web browser that displays certain ETH-fueled platforms. Coinbase revealed that their development team was busy adding BTC support. A Coinbase representative Siddharth Clelhoo-Prabhu announced on February 5th that developers had integrated BTC support. The announcement said that Coinbase Wallet was designed to become the “world’s most user-custodied crypto wallet.”


Coelho explains that Bitcoin support has been activated by default. All you have to do to send Bitcoin to Coinbase Wallet is to tap ‘Receive” on the main tab. “Coinbase Wallet allows you to use both legacy and newer segwit accounts with lower transaction fees. It also supports backward compatibility in all apps.


Setup a new Coinbase account with username & passcode.


Like the previous version, the light client’s personal keys are encrypted on your tablet or mobile phone using secure encryption technology. CoelhoPrabhu explained that “this specialized hardware” is the best way for private data to be protected on mobile devices. Coinbase light clients also support the BTC/ETH testnets. This allows programmers to use testnet coins in order to develop integrated cryptocurrency applications. Most browser apps, such as Peepeth (Instadapp), Totle, Cent Smartdrops, Compound and Paradex are Ethereum-based. To search for more applications in your wallet’s browser you can also click on the “Discover Dapps” link.

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