Diamond Painting Gifts to Surprise Your Friends and Family with

Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is so popular these days that it makes sense to buy a diamond painting kit or some accessories as a gift. Imagine the joy and surprise on a diamond painting lover’s face when they open their present and see a new painting inside for them to work on.


Their eyes will light up, a big smile will form and they’ll be so happy that you thought of them and their interests. If you love diamond painting, you are probably thinking how great it would be if someone bought you one and you got to open that gift.


With that wonderful thought in mind, let’s look at some of the best diamond painting gifts you could get.


A Mystery Painting

Diamond paintings are great and all, but how great is it when someone surprises you with one? This is a superb gift idea for someone you care about, and you can show them how special they are by surprising them with a diamond painting they will love.


You can either tell them that you are getting them something diamond painting related and get them excited about it or not even tell them at all. By keeping it a secret, you will get to see the look of surprise on their face and how excited they get when they open it up for the first time. Imagine what a great gift that would make for someone who loves the hobby or who has expressed interest in it.


Some diamond painting websites allow you to send gifts like this wrapped so that your recipient will be not be able to tell what they are getting until they open it up.


Here is another diamond painting gift idea you might want to consider. You can choose from a wide variety of hundreds or even thousands of paintings from the diamond painting company of your choice. More about Diamond Painting


If you can get a painting for someone that features their favorite character, imagine how thrilled they would be. You can find paintings of Mickey Mouse, Star Wars characters and many more. Browse through the large selection to find the perfect painting for your friend or family member. They will appreciate that you know them so well that you can pick out their favorite character. Alternatively, you can gift them with a custom diamond painting on demand.


Personalize a Painting

You can also choose the option to personalize your diamond painting gift, uploading a photo you picked out from your computer to the website. Not all diamond painting websites offer this option, so be aware of that.


This is a great way to show your caring side and make a gift for your friend that truly comes from the heart. You can choose a funny picture or a beloved family photo and even upload a drawing that your friend created. This is such a thoughtful present that it is sure to be appreciated and loved.


The best thing about this gift idea is that it costs you nothing more than it would to order a regular diamond art.


Diamond Storage Box

If you have a friend with a lot of extra beads lying around, they may need someplace to store them. The small plastic bags are okay, but those can look messy and cluttered. What would be an even better play to store them would be in a diamond painting storage box.


Your friend will be able to separate their diamonds into tons of different slots, having plenty of space for all of their diamonds. They will love how neat and orderly all of their diamonds look and how secure the case keeps them.


Sure, they would love another diamond painting, but they might get more use out of a storage case. It is the kind of gift that they might not buy for themselves because they are always chasing new diamond paintings to buy, so it will definitely be appreciated.


diamond dots storage box


Matching Diamond Arts

Best friends like to do things together, and one of the best diamond painting gifts you could get your friend is a matching painting to go with one for you.


How does that work? Well, you can buy both of you the same painting, and then you can both work on yours at the same time. You could challenge yourself to see who finishes faster or who makes theirs look the coolest by using varied colors.


You could also buy similar but different paintings. You can get a different unicorn-themed painting for each of you, and then have tons of fun painting them together or separately. You can compare progress and compare the finished pictures to see how great they look together. You can even hang them on the same wall together as a sign of your friendship.


A New Pen

The pens that come in the diamond painting kits are okay, but why not get your friend something special. A new pen can become their favorite tool for placing diamonds. They will love how thoughtful you were if you pick out their favorite color or get a pen in a style that you know they will love.


Part of the joy of diamond painting is how pretty everything looks. You can give your friend a lovely diamond painting pen and make their hobby even more fun for them. They will think of you and what a good friend you are every time they pick of their new favorite pen to place diamonds.


You could choose from them the kind of diamond pen that they want to use no matter what kind of diamond painting they are doing. You don’t have to get just the typical single placer pen with the rounded tip. You could opt for the flat-ended multi-placer tools. These pens are so cool and so much fun to use because they let you place more than one diamond at a time.




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