Getting Back into เเทงหวยออนไลน์


For the past few months i’ve barely played any เเทงหวยออนไลน์ but i’m just starting to feel like I am getting back into it again. I’ve always had the most success from heads up Sit and go’s, so that’s what i’ll be playing.

My plan is to start at the $50 level, and hopefully after I make a few thousand, i’ll mix in $100 games, and then eventually $200, $100, and $50 games. I’ve played a ton of games at all those limits before and know what to expect. What i’ll be doing different this time is focusing hard on game selection. I’ll never sit first and only play losing and inexperienced players. The goal is to make money with as little variance as possible by playing bad players.

It’s so weird looking back a year ago and remembering how I thought I knew everything about poker. Now I’m realizing how much more I know now, and still how much I’ll need to mature at the game. It’s not even obvious stuff or directly related to playing cards, but a bunch of small things that will add up to a better ROI. I’ll talk about some of these theories / ideas in the future.

For now I need to work on focus / endurance at the table. I’ve never been able to play more then an hour or two at a time without an ADD attack. I don’t really have ADD, but I have no attention span. —Oh yeah, that reminds me that i was supposed to put clothes in the dryer about two hours ago.— I idolize the players who can pull 10+ hour sessions day in and day out.

Anyway, I’m really excited that I’m back into poker. Hopefully it lasts and I can make a lot of money.

Back from a Bike Trip

I just got back from a trip with a few friends to upstate NY. I had a great time, rode new street spots and skate parks, and met some really cool riders. Overall we drove (not rode) 900 miles. I was going to take some pictures, but I left my camera at a friends house.

I got pretty beat up from riding, but nothing to bad. I kept bashing the same knee to the point where it got really sensitive and I had to hold back a bit in fear of hitting it more. Even the pain from touching it was really bad. I also have a black eye and a scraped chin after falling eight feet to flat from getting hung up while manualing around a bowl. I’m a little bit sick to, so if you look at a picture of me now and from a few days ago, it would look like one of those before and after crystal meth junkie pictures 😉

The new frame that I mentioned in my last post is so good. I can definitely feel a difference. It fits me and my riding style much better then my old one, and it’s holding up great. The next thing I need for my bike will be new forks, which cost around $130. I plan on getting those in december.

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