Is it the Ultimate Solution for Male Enlargement without surgery?


The Male Penis is probably the most hyped organ in the human body. Not only Men but women as well are equally fascinated by the penis. In fact, women are often more enthusiased by it then men for obvious reasons. As you know, the penis has 3 main functions in the body- 1. To Urinate i.e. to pass the urnine out of the body, which is self-explanatory, 2. for reproduction i.e. – to help produce babies are continue the human race and 3. sex i.e. deriving sexual pleasure which is one of the basic needs of any man or woman.

The Penis for Sexual Pleasure

Undeniably, Sex is the only function of the penis that gets more publicity and hype than any other. The pleasure that can be obtained from sexual encounters is well documentedSize Genetics System for Penis Enlargement . And for this you need an erect penis. An erect penis provides pleasure to both men and their partner in sex. However, in addition to an erect penis, there are three other major factors that contribute to attaining pleasure during sexual encounters and these factors are: libido or lust, healthy blood inflow and outflow to and from zhe penis, and a nerve supply that functions perfectly. Obviosuly, the penis is the most frequently utilized part of the male genitalia.

A Bigger Penis and Sex

When it comes to the issue of Sex and the Penis, the word “big” seems to be what every man and woman is looking for. Since a lot of men now are getting more conscious and aware of their shaft’s size, more and more men are successfully and unseccussfully trying various penis enlargement treatments or methods. There are hundreds pf companies selling penis enlarger products on the internet and otherwise making it all the more interesing.

How to Get a Bigger Penis?

With the increasing availability of methods, it has become all the more difficult to choose the right method to achieve the goal of getting a bigger penis permanently. It is often seen that men shift from one method to another in search of a perfect solution often ending up in despair and a lots of dollars short in their wallets. Many companies are pure scams when it comes to penis enlargement solutions. There is, however, a company that understands what men are looking for – a bigger and better penis.

SizeGenetics is the name of the program. The SizeGenetics program is different from other methods available in the market. It combines an enlargement traction device and a free penis exercises program ( to make sure you get that long and thick penis you and your partner desire.

MEMBER XXL UK is the first and only program that blends all aspects of penis enlargement making it the most complex and effective penis enlargement program ever developed. The combination of these powerful tools has been thoroughly tested to guarantee you the best results in the shortest time possible.

The traction device is easy to use and does not cause any pain and fits all penis sizes. It can be worn for many hours, but 2-8 hours each day is the recommended usage. The effectiveness of the traction device is determined by the number of hours you had it on and not by the gap between usages. The traction device enables your penis tissues to increase the number of cells through stretching by the application of a contstant traction force. This leads to a permanent size increase , increase in girth (thickness of the penis). In addition to this, if you suffer from penile curvature (bent penis) there are 70% chances of penile disparity improvement and it does not impair orgasmic and erectile functions.

Through (which you get with your SizeGenetics purchase), you can access the penis enlargement exercises program (featuring over 35 Exercise Videos, Manuals etc.) that have been developed to work both on their own and together with the SizeGenetics device. This program consists of exercises and routines that only require a few minutes of your time everyday and you can hope to achieve excellent results in a short period of time.


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