New Jersey Cracks Down on Underage Gambling Online



As New Jersey’s online gambling bill inches toward a signing session with Governor Chris Christie, state regulators are busy nailing down the cracks through which potentially underage gamers might try to slip. Among those who’ve expressed confidence in the matter are the people at the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, more commonly known as hk prize .

“Right now,” says iMEGA Chairman Joe Brennan Jr, “all the technology required is being used by European casino websites. Suppliers of age verification software will be able to open up US divisions and supply the US marketplace with proven technology.


“New Jersey’s regulators are in a position to become the de facto primary regulators for iGaming in the U.S. much in the same way Nevada regulators are in the casino based industry. New Jersey regulators are the toughest in the world. Those who can make it through the process will increase their value and the value of the industry itself.”


Labeled as S490, the legalization bill has seen relatively little resistance from the state’s caretakers. If passed, it will be a landmark decision in American Gaming.


iMEGA also claims that, because of the extra scrutiny given to the online scene, underage gamers are more likely to slip undetected into a brick and mortar establishment than they are to earn a seat in most of the high-end internet gaming sites.


Because of their unique situation, New Jersey’s government will now have the opportunity to closely regulate those to whom licenses are granted. Said David Pope, Marketing Director for, “Both the regulators and their licensees will certainly be able to draw on expertise built up in jurisdictions in Europe and beyond. In terms of what that might mean to the operators who get licenses, the good news is that yes, the technology does exist, it’s proven and tested and will help operators acquire age-verified legitimate players.”


Gambling Businesses Plan North American Conference


Several groups, including BolaVerde Media Group, an e-gaming consultancy firm, are joining forces to launch the first iGaming North America Conference. The event is slated to start in May and aimed at educating land-based businesses as they begin their foray into the North American iGaming market.

The ‘bootcamp’ will provide education and training for brick and mortar establishments unfamiliar with electronic gaming. Some aspect that will be covered include regulation, leveraging capital, marketing, staffing, and other operational needs.


“Certainly the programme will cover political and regulatory issues but the primary focus will be on ‘how-to’ rather than ‘what-if’,” said Mark Balestra, Director of BolaVerde.


The iGaming North America Conference boasts quality presenters. Executives from Caesars, GECH, and Betfair will be on hand. Also, Howard Lederer, co-owner of Full Tilt Poker, will be making a presentation.


The North American market represents a large opportunity.


“A window is opening for North America’s licensed operators, existing iGaming operators and media and entertainment ventures expanding into new markets,” said Sue Schneider, a veteran of the iGaming industry and a principal for eGaming Brokerage.


“For all of these businesses, this event will present a much needed forum for learning and sharing ideas as well as the region’s first marketplace for gambling’s most promising sector.”


Pro-gambling legislation is appearing on all levels of American government.


“With the surge in activity at both the state/provincial as well as Federal levels, the time is right for all of the operators, consultants, vendors and suppliers focused on the North American audience to come together for this important informational event,” said Anthony Cabot, a prominent Las Vegas-based gaming attorney.




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