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Pay attention to quality when buying.


Freesmoke has been on the market for 5 years and only sells the original.

Not bad copies.

All depots and e-liquids come from the pharmacy and not from China.

If you buy cheap, you usually buy twice.


Over 20% of all people worldwide smoke (source: WHO) and despite massive health education, cigarette consumption is growing steadily, especially among young people.


Legal regulations restrict smoking in public places such as airports, train stations and restaurants across Europe. There are more and more no-smoking areas and the smoker has to stay outside.

The tobacco tax and cigarette prices are constantly increasing.

With Freesmoke, smokers now have the chance to continue smoking without withdrawal symptoms and significantly less pollutants. With Freesmoke, the electronic cigarette, you can continue smoking anywhere in non-smoking areas and without social exclusion.

The freesmoke cigarette and cigar supply the smoker exclusively with nicotine and a selected tobacco aroma. With conventional tobacco smoking, the smoker inhales pollutants such as the strongly carcinogenic tar, and carcinogenic compounds such as arsenic, benzapyrene, chrysene, cadmium, formaldehyde or hydrazine, none of which you will find in freesmoke products.

No combustion process, smoke wherever you want …


When smoking tobacco and the resulting combustion process, over 4,000 substances are released which the smoker inhales. Of these, 78 pollutants, such as tar or arsenic, are highly carcinogenic. The Freesmoke products simulate the combustion process by briefly heating the atomized nicotine liquid before inhalation. As a result, there are no longer no smoking zones for smokers and the highly harmful substances are no longer inhaled.


Whether on the plane, at work, in the office or in restaurants and bars, smoke freesmoke everywhere and even within non-smoking areas and on the plane ./li>

There are four different nicotine strengths available: strong (18 mg), medium (15 mg), light (11 mg) and without nicotine (0 mg)

Prospective non-smokers gradually reduce their nicotine requirements from strong, medium and light to no nicotine.


A nicotine depot corresponds Snus Nicotine roughly to the amount of 1.5-2 conventional cigarette packets and is therefore 75% cheaper than normal smoking.

Only nicotine and natural tobacco and natural flavor aromas are supplied

Your advantages:

Advantages of an electronic cigarette over a conventional one. No yellow teeth with electric smoking. No bad breath when smoking. No smelly clothes, smoke-filled rooms and yellowed walls. No more burns, ash residues and burn holes. Freesmoke contains only natural nicotine and natural and synthetic flavorings . No annoyance to other people with smelly smoke. Smoke everywhere, even in the no-smoking zone, and save a lot of money in the process .


Smoking is known to pose significant health risks. Carcinogenic pollutants such as carbon monoxide, tar, hydrogen cyanide and many hundreds of other toxins slowly and painfully destroy the human body. But now you can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to the new trend product e-cigarette, these disadvantages are significantly reduced or eliminated. Experience the healthy feeling of smoking, without any toxins, yellow fingers / teeth and smelly ashtrays! For the family and the immediate environment there is no longer any risk of passive smoking!


Professor Dr. Bernd Mayer from the Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology and Toxicology at the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz confirms with an expert opinion that the health risk with electronic cigarettes is much lower than with the consumption of tobacco products and that from a medical point of view smoking cessation is recommended! In addition, the simulation of smoking should also provide better psychological support for quitting than chewing gum or plasters.




We would like to win you over to Freesmoke products and warn you about bad copies!



Every day you will find new and many dubious providers on the Internet who offer copies of our products, but with “very poor quality”. You will seldom enjoy these products. If you buy cheap, you usually buy twice. Freesmoke has been in the market for over 5 years and has the best quality and reviews. We offer at least a 2 year guarantee or a lifetime guarantee if you buy more depots or refill liquids from us. And we offer you the best possible service.



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