XTZ Tropical Typhoon and Energy Drink by Vimgo

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And we have another winner from XTZ.  Tropical Typhoon is best described as a fruit punch energy beverage…..Think Hawaiian Punch and that will get you on the right track.   There is a whole lotta flavor going on inside this bottle.  The Taste of Tropical Typhoon will be very familiar to anyone who has ever been to a birthday party or wedding.  It’s just like what you would find filling any punch bowl with orange slices and pineapples floating around in it, only this time instead of possibly being spiked with booze it’s spiked with energy herbs.  I think that so far this will be taking my favorites spot for the X-Drinx series.  The flavor is much smoother than the others we have tried and it seems to be missing that sharp little bite the others had at the end of each sip.  Banana, Guava, Mango, Starfruit, Papaya, Passion Fruit, and Star Fruit all add a little bit of themselves to help give Tropical Typhoon it’s rich flavor…all in all a pretty nice line up.


Strength wise Energy Drink Tropical Typhoon sits right along side of its brothers and sisters at about a 5 on the old power scale…again, nothing overly strong, but definitely enough to give you a little shock in the ass to open you eyes.  The fact that this drink has so many natural ingredients (as a matter of fact, I don’t really see anything at all in the ingredients list that isn’t something natural) is a big plus for me…especially considering how much unnatural crap I pump into my body each day on energy drinks alone.  Really, check it out for yourself: Artesian Water filtered and purified, Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Herbs, Botanical Extracts, Green Tea, Caffeine, and finally Sodium Benzoate to ensure freshness…..see, pretty damn quality stuff there.


All in all, if you like tropical punch, give this bottle a shot.  Tropical Typhoon shouldn’t let you down….lots of flavor and it’s probably a lot better for you than whatever you were considering purchasing in it’s place.


On a side note to the XTZ folks…….POPSICLES.  Put this stuff in frozen form and be the first with an energy popsicle…the flavor is right for it…just freeze it and give it a stick!


Spaz Juice


Here’s another that I have been wanting to try for a while.  I’ve always liked the Happy Bunny character so I thought that it was kind cool to see him on an energy drink label…unfortunately, that’s about where the coolness ends.  Spaz Juice is basically a blue raspberry flavored drink.  Sounds like something I would like, but in reality I despise blue raspberry flavor completely.  I am a big fan of plain old raspberry, but add blue to it and I’d rather just go ahead and drink antifreeze…it tastes better.  My first little sip of Spaz Juice totally caught me off guard as I was expecting more of a Red Bull flavored drink…..had I not been driving at the time with my windows up, I think I would have spit it out and sprayed the cars behind me (it looks like Windex so I may have gotten a laugh at the folks behind me thinking it was just washer fluid.)  As it was, I swallowed it down waited a minute and took another sip.  The second time around it was not as bad….probably because I was now prepared for it.  As blue raspberry goes, this is pretty decent…as all other drinks out there go; I’m not going to pick this one up again.  Surprisingly enough, Spaz Juice is quite smooth…not bad after taste, nothing to medicinal about it….it’s just blue raspberry so it doesn’t do anything for me….HOWEVER, if you like that particular flavor, odds are you’re going to like this quite a bit.


Strength wise, Spaz Juice is ok….not nearly as strong as Red Bull, but stronger than the XTZ drinks.  It didn’t have much of an effect on me at all, and what effect there was, wore off fairly quickly.  Not a drink I would recommend to you blue raspberry lovers out there that want a solid energy boost, but it will do the trick to perk you up a bit.  I do think this would make a good mixer if you like the flavor…it’s quite sweet, but not overpowering…probably taste good with our old friend vodka.





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